A Deal Made in Good Faith

A Second Chance

A Tale of Two Swords

A Thousand Saturn Blossoms

A Twist in Fate

A Very Goodwitch

Aburame Lightning


Adrian Romanov

Against the Dying of the Light

Alchemy and Wizardry

An Angel and a Trickster

Angel Avenger

Angel Fire

Angel’s Horn

Angels Among Us

Angels and Demons

Angry, Angry Wizards

Arrow of Truth

Artemis Fox

Bad Luck

Back in Black

Bakura Uzamaki

Befriending Sword

Best Served Cold

Between Truth and Lies

Beware of Sith Trolls

Blades of an Unlimited Sky

Blood for Blood

Bonds Across Time

Book of Spirits

Breaking the Gilded Cage

Breaking the Sky

Broken Fates

Broken Shadows




Chaos Hunter

Chaos Incarnate

Charm School Magic

Cinnamon and Red

Circus Surprise

Cloudy with a Chance of Freedom

Coping Mechanisms

Crimson Typhoon

Curses and Cures

Cutting Moon, Eclipsed Moon

Dark Magic of the Zodiac

Darkened Wizards

Darkness and Hope

Daughter of Flame

Dear Kami, there’s TWO of them!

Demon Bounty Hunter

Demonic Jewels

Devil of the Forgotten

Dog Days

Double Trouble

Dusk and Dawn

Elemental Sky



Eternally Black

Ether Net

Flames of the Creed


Fated Bonds

Fiery Rebirth

Fillies and Colts


Flames of the Black Cat

Flames of the Night Sky

Forgotten Angel

Forgotten Famiglia

Fullmetal Flames

Golden King of Zero


Harmonic Symphony

Harmony of a Moonlit Sky

Harry Sohma

Hawk-Eyed Charlie

Heart of the Soul

Here in an Instant, Gone in a Flash

Hexe Dragon

Hidden Song

Howl of the Moon


Hunter x of x Flames

Iced Darkness

Identity Crisis

If Only You Knew

Iron Maiden

It’s in the Cards

Jade Angel

King of the Changelings

Kitsune Otome

Let’s Play a Game

Lina Evans

Loki Black

Lost Name

Lunar Keyblade Master

Melody of Fire

Memories of Nobody

Messenger of Hope

Mirror Magic

Mirrored Lives

Mists of a Dawning Sky

Moon Sword

Moon’s Blessing

Moonlight Star

Natalie Winchester

Naruto Emiya

Nozomi of the Sand

Okami Mitarashi

On a Wing and a Prayer

Once Lost, Now Found

Pagans and Angels

Paperwork Demons

Paranormal Investigator Squad

Partners in Crime

Pranks and Punishments

Prince of Thieves

Prince of Thieves2: Rise of the New King


Queen of Conquerors

Queen of the Grimm

Queen of the Seas

Queen’s of Cosplay

Queen’s Redemption



Reaping the Cards


Rifles and Ravens

Rise of the Black Dragon

Rising Dragon, Hidden Hammers

Rose Princess

Ryou’s Cousin

Sailor Naru

Sakura Kuchiki

Seal Mishaps

Second Chance

Sekirei Game

Shadow Wolf

Shark in the Leaf

Shattered Mask

Shield Wizard

Shifting Foxes

Shinobi of the Night Sky

Shugo Shinobi

Sight Unseen

Sky Bunny

Spirit Fire

Spirit of the Jewel

Some Hearts

Sora and Zorua

Sorcellerie Miraculeuse

Soul and Sword

Soul Brothers

Sound of Flames

Storm of the Gods

Summoner’s Sword


Sword and Demon

Swords of a Devil

The Death God and the Mystic Eyes

The Dragon’s Jewel

The Dragon’s Knight

The Girl Who Died

The Greatest Prank

The Moon of the Kurta Clan

The Witch of 221b Baker Street

Thief in the Midnight World

Time Turned Back

Toshiro Potter

Transcending Time and Space

Trails of the Fox

Trick Hunt

Tricksters and Gods

Troubles in Time

Unspoken Wars


When Death grows bored

Witch Sword

Wizard’s Law

Wrathful Skies