Fate/Stay Night

A Tale of Two Swords

Against the Dying of the Light

An Essence of Silver and Steel


Arrow of Truth

Befriending Sword

Blades of an Unlimited Sky

Broken Dreams

Campione of the Holy Grail


Fate Revelation Online


Fate’s Gamble

Fated Bonds

From Fake Dreams

Gamer of the Sword

Gorgon and Thanatos

Golden King of Zero

Identity Crisis

Knight of Betrayal and Taiga Cub

Light the Blue Touch Paper and Run Like Hell

Mirrored Lives

Moon Sword

More Short Story Drabbles

Naruto Emiya

On a Wing and a Prayer

Queen of Conquerors

Rose Princess

Second Chances are Fought For

Separated at Birth

Shirou and Lancer Drink Tea

Short Story Drabbles

Soul and Sword

Stories of Fate

Summoner’s Sword

Swords of a Devil

The Death God and the Mystic Eyes

The Dragon’s Knight

The Last Master

Unspoken Wars