Harry Potter

7 Dark Emperors

A Conversation with the Master of Death

A Deal Made in Good Faith

A Distant Storm

A Friend Indeed

A Godfather’s Love

A Ninja Summoned

A Second Chance

A Tale of Two Swords

A Very Goodwitch

A Very Granger Christmas

Aburame Lightning

Abyss of Silence


Adrian Romanov

Against the Dying of the Light

Alchemy and Wizardry

Alpha Queen

An Angel and a Trickster

Angel Avenger

Angel Fire

Angels and Demons

Angry, Angry Wizards

Angry Harry and the Seven

Another Fine Mess

Another Solider Reporting

Armoured Skill

Artemis Fox

Ascension Book One: Bloodline

Avenge the Lost

Back in Black

Bad Luck

Balance in the Power of Gaia

Becoming Alpha

Best Served Cold

Between Truth and Lies

Beware of Sith Trolls

Bits & Bobs

Black Cat of Hogwarts

Black Sky

Bleach Drabbles

Blood War

Bolt Fashion

Bridge to the EvoNet

Broken Fates

Broken Shadows


Burning Ice

Burst Reality


Carbon Blades

Cat’s Shadow

Changed Past


Charmed Daughter

Child of the Storm

Child of the Wing

Cinnamon and Red

Circus Surprise

Clouds in the Sky

Cloudy with a Chance of Freedom

Collision Course


Cybertech: Open Worlds (2)

Cybertech: War of Evolution (1)

Daphne Greengrass and the Importance of Intent

Dark Mage of the Zodiac

Darkened Wizards

Daughter of Flame

Dawn of Magic

Deadpool’s New Job

Deal to be Reaping

Death’s Daughter

Demon Bounty Hunter

Devil of the Forgotten


Distorted Time

Divine Sight

Dodging Prison and Stealing Witches – Revenge is Best Served Cold

Dog Days

Dou’s Brother

Double Trouble

Duel Nephilm

Dusk and Dawn


Enchanted Wizard

End of Worlds

enLivened Player


Epic Chronicles


Eternally Black

Ether Net

Evolution of Mana


Ex Umbra in Solem

Fairytail World Tour

Famgilia Drabbles

Fate’s Gamble

Fate’s Movie Nights

Fiery Rebirth

Fillies and Colts

Flames of the Black Cat


Forgotten Angel

Forgotten Famiglia

Foxes and Owls


Game On!

Game On! 3 0

Game On! 3 1


Ginny Returns

Ginny’s Plan


Gorgon and Thanatos

Guardian Mage

hacker Magician: Smoke

Hadrian Abhorsen

Hagrid’s Fame

Half Weirn Child

Harry Evans and the Daemonic Mirror

Harry Evans and the Daemonic Stone

Harry Potter: A Love Story

Harry Potter: Archangel

Harry Potter: Choices

Harry Potter: Ironwizard

Harry Potter: Rogue

Harry Potter: The Avenger

Harry Potter: Unchampion

Harry Potter, Lone Traveler, God and Wizard

Harry Potter, the Doctor and the Ponds

Harry Potter – Three to Backstep

Harry Potter and the Ancient Deities

Harry Potter and The Chance at a New Life

Harry Potter and the Daft Morons

Harry Potter and the Mutant Academy of Magic

Harry Potter and the Old Friend

Harry Potter and the Stargate

Harry Potter and the Immortals

Harry Potter the Visored

Harry Potter’s Reaction to the Marriage Law

Harry Sohma

Harry’s Happy Christmas

Harry’s Happy Cursing

Hawk-Eyed Charlie

Hedwig Slightly Unhinged

Here in an Instant, Gone in a Flash

Hexe Dragon

Hidden Paths

Hidden Song

History Reborn

Hogwarts Protection System

Hollow Magic

Honestly Harry – Getting to Hogwarts

Honestly Harry – Greengrass Days and Paradise Nights

Honestly Harry – The Founders Chambers

Honestly Harry – The Matter of the Furious Fugitives

Honestly Harry – The Unplottable Discoveries

Honestly Harry – The Year of the Rock

Honestly Harry – The Year of the Spares


How Harry Turned Hogwarts Around

Howl of the Moon


Hunters Guild

I Aim to Misbehave

I Know Your Secret

I know Your Secret 2: Foretold

Iced Darkness

Ichigo Ichihara

Identity Crisis

If Only You Knew

Impossible Awakening

In the Era of the Fabled

In the Heat of the Night

Infamous City

Ionic Storm

Irish Home

Iron Maiden

Is Your Great-Aunt an AI? !

It All Ends

It’s OK Not to Be OK (But I Promise, I’m Trying)

Jade Angel

Jamie Silver

Juniper Rose Potter is a Prankster

Just How Can a Computer Use Magic? !

Justice, Justice Shall You Pursue

King of Bandit

Kingdom Drabbles

Knight of Betrayal and Taiga Cub

Lightning Slayer

Lightning Strikes


Lina Evans

Living with Danger

Living without Danger

Loki Black

Lord Over the Night Sky

Lost Fate

Lost Name

Luna Lovegood and the Dark Lord’s Diary

Mana Uncovered

Marauders and Gundams

Massacre in the Dungeons

Master Potter of Kamar-Taj

Melody of Fire


Memories of Nobody

Mirror Magic

Mirror, Mirror

Mirrored Dimensions

Mists of a Dawning Sky

More Short Story Drabbles

Muggleborn Teacher

Mutant’s Storm

My Name is Harry Potter

Neopolitan and the Goblet of Fire

New Beginnings

Nine Tails

No Need for Harry

Not the Smartest Witch


Nozomi of the Sand

Odyssey to the Orient

Of Splendour in the Grass

Okami Mitarashi

Older Brother

Older Brother – Tournament Trials

Order of Souls

Order of the Covenant

Out of Reign

Overheard Conversations

Pagans and Angels

Pandora Academy

Pandora Souls

Paperwork Demons

Partners in Crime

Parva Sub Ingenti

Percy helps

Petrification Proliferation

Phantomhive Wizards

Phoenix Soldier

Pirates and Wizards


Potions and Demons

Pranks and Punishments

Prince of Thieves

Prince of Thieves2: Rise of the New King


Protector of Avalon

Pulvis et Umbra Sumus

Queen of Conquerors


Raptor of the 20th Ward

Raven Talon Potter

Red String

Reinforced Chamber (2)

Reinforced Magic (1)


Rifles and Ravens

Rise of the Black Dragon

Rise of the Black Phoenix

Rising from the Shadows


Rose Potter and the Mirror of Fate

Rose Princess

Ruby’s Fate

Ryou’s Cousin

Sakura Kuchiki

Saviour of Magic

Screw Them!


Secret Love

Sekirei Game

Separated at Birth

Setting the Record Straight

Seven Dark Emperors

Shadow of a Gundam

Shadow Wolf

Shark in the Leaf

Shield Wizard


Shifting Destiny

Sight Unseen

Sirius Fowl

Some Hearts

Son of Holmes

Sora and Zorua

Sorcellerie Miraculeuse

Soul Armoury

Soul Brothers

Spirit of the Phantasm

Star Class

Starlight Breaker

Starting Over

Stop the Monster

Stories of Fate

Sun of the Moon


Supernatural Drabbles

A Supernatural World full of Paranormal Activity

Taking Control

Teeth and Claws

The Accidental Bond

The Accidental Animagus

The Board

The Dog Called Hadrian

The Dragon Phoenix

The Dragon’s Jewel

The Girl Who Died

The Goblet of Fire’s Trap

The Grass is Always Greener

The Greatest Prank

The Importance of Intent: After the Credits

The Last Mage of Krypton

The Moon of the Kurta Clan

The Mythical Codex to the Multiverse

The Realm of Passing

The Road not Taken

The Potter Coven

The Soul Within

The Truths of Avalon

The Witch of 221b Baker Street

The XXXX You Say

There’s more than one binding in that contract

Thrice Bound

Thunderbird of Ilvermorny

Time Turned Back

Time Will Tell

Toshiro Potter

Transcending Time and Space

Trails of the Fox


Triad: Elements of Balance

Trickers and Gods

Troubles in Time

Twisting Worlds

Uncharted Void

Under the Sea


Unspoken Wars



We’re Screwed

When Death grows bored

White Flames

Who Did It?

Wings of the Forsaken

Witch Sword

The Witches Conspiracy

Witches Secret

Without a Trace

Wizard’s Law

Wrathful Skies

Yesterday’s Tomorrow

Young Justice Reborn Volume One