Katekyō Hitman Reborn! (KHR)

Another Solider Reporting

Between Truth and Lies

Black Sky

Blades of an Unlimited Sky

Bleach Drabbles

Bonds Across Time

Breaking the Gilded Cage

Breaking the Sky

Burning Ice

Clouds in the Sky

Cloudy with a Chance of Freedom

Coping Mechanisms

Corpse Cleaner

Demon Skylark

Demonic Jewels

Elemental Sky


Famgilia Drabbles



Flames of the Creed

Flames of the Night Sky

Fiery Rebirth

Fillies and Colts

Forgotten Famiglia

Fullmetal Flames

Game On!

Harmonic Symphony

Harmony of a Moonlit Sky

Heart of the Soul

Hexe Dragon

Hunter x of x Flames

If Only You Knew

It’s in the Cards

Kingdom Drabbles

Mists of a Dawning Sky

More Short Story Drabbles

Paranormal Investigator Squad

Partners in Crime

Pick Up the Pieces and Move On (2)

Pick Up the Pieces and Rebuild (3)

Pick Up the Pieces and Take Stock (1)

Queen of the Seas

Queen’s Redemption

Red String

Rise of the Black Dragon

Rising Dragon, Hidden Hammers

Short Story Drabbles

Sky Bunny

Spirit Fire

Sound of Flames


Teeth and Claws

The Dragon’s Knight

Thief in the Midnight World

Transcending Time and Space

Wrathful Skies

Yesterday’s Tomorrow