Sorry, I’m Late Again

Sorry, I’ll explain in Thursday’s part of the post.


The first thing I read today was another new fic by TexasBean called ‘Harry Potter and The Immortals.’ It’s a Harry Potter and Baccano! crossover fic. Baccano! is a light novel/anime about several groups of people who became immortal at different points in time. The anime jumps around the timeline every episode, so if you’re not a fan of non-linear stories it may not be for you (although it’s a lot less than Homestuck). The books are better focusing on one time period at a time. There are a least sixteen books (in Japan at least) out now and the newest one has been delayed twice because the author hasn’t been feeling well.

The story has McGonagall meeting the main group after the anime finished (1933ish) and meeting up with them several times after that. When Dumbledore has to get a DADA teacher for Harry’s fifth year or get Umbridge, she suggests one of them. Watch the craziness unfold when the Baccano! crew is brought in! The link to the fic is –

The second new fic for me was ‘Harry Potter and the Stargate’ by Sinyk. When I was rereading more chapters of Harry Potter and the Daft Morons, I went to the author’s stories page and found it. It is (as shown in the title) a Harry Potter and Stargate crossover. It has Harry going through the Veil of Death instead of Sirius and learning it is a Stargate and that he is the only one to have made it through the trip. Watch and see what happens (Stargate and Harry Potter in the same universe, not universe traveling). The link to the fanfic is here –

Then I read a few one-shots by senawario. The first one is ‘There’s more than one binding in that contract,’ which has Hermione helping Harry to get a copy of the rules of the Triwizard Tournament. This changes a lot. The link to the fic is here – Second was ‘Percy Helps’ which has Hermione tricking Percy into sending Aurors to Harry’s detentions to catch Umbridge. This also changes a lot. The link to this fic is here –

I also read another one-shot by Temporal Knight called ‘Hedwig Slightly Unhinged.’ This one has Hedwig wanting to help her master and gets him in a marriage contract before he even gets to Hogwarts. She then does her best to help him on his adventures. The link to the story is –

Lastly there were new chapters for Queen of the Seas, Seerking’s Asylum for Plot Bunnies That Won’t Stop Bugging Me and Rising Dragon, Hidden Hammers. That’s it for today see you on the next day line


To start off, I read the weekly new story update from Seerking. The fic is called ‘Swordsaint’ and is a Sword Art Online story. It has an OC programmer joining SAO and her presence changes things greatly. It’s currently 16 chapters long and I enjoy reading it. The link to the story is – The other chapter updates were for: Queen of the Seas, Heroes Assemble!, A Worthless Quirk, Harry Potter and the Stargate and Rising Dragon, Hidden Hammers.

I started reading ‘The Potter Coven’ by flowerchild33. It’s a fic about Hermione getting together with Harry after the tournament and learning the only way get rid of the horcrux is to make a coven.

R Rated Content

This fic has sex/smut, if your underage or don’t like female/female sex this one is not for you. There are also sex rituals so, like I’ve said before, don’t like, don’t read.

R Rated Content

(haven’t used that in a while). The link to this fic is here – Moving on, I reread the fic ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Freedom’ by sakurademonalchemist. It’s 42 chapters long (so far) and is a Harry Potter and KHR crossover. After the future incident, the arcabaleno (starting with Skull) wake up in their younger bodies. Skull wakes up as a young boy in a cupboard in a life he tried to get away from. Skull changes many things and tries to help his fellow arcabaleno even if they don’t know who he is. The link to the story is here –

I also watched 8 episodes of the Baccano! anime. Nothing else for today, see you when I post tomorrow.


Sorry this is a day late everyone! I fell asleep early and forgot to write and post. So, on Thursday I finished The Potter Coven. There were chapter updates for: Cambion, ‘Harry Potter, Lone Traveler, God and Wizard,’ Queen of the Seas, Ripples and Rising Dragon, Hidden Hammers.

I found an author I liked (kb0) posted a one-shot called ‘Starting Over.’ It’s a Harry Potter fic set in his first year where Harry doesn’t like how things are in Hogwarts and decides to leave. The link to the story is – I remember that I reread another one-shot sometime this week called ‘Harry’s Happy Cursing’ by White Angel of Auralon. It has Harry activating a curse that causes people to suffer for as much as they’ve ruined other people’s lives.

I also read the last chapter of Darker Than Black – Heaven’s Gate. It was okay, a fun little fic, but not much else. I would suggest it, but not if you haven’t watched the series.

Other than that, I got to episode 13 (the end before the 3 specials) of Baccano! and read more of Harry Potter and the Daft Morons. Nothing much else on Thursday. I’ll get the Monday post up on time!

The Long (Holiday) Weekend


Today I continued rereading Legion, but I didn’t finish and only got to chapter 20. There were some new chapters that I read for Queen of the Seas, Cambion, Mauling Snarks and Parva Sub Ingenti. I also played some Pokémon Sun.

As I might have mentioned in my first post, I have all of the Pokémon on the main games in my Pokémon Bank. When I say that I mean that I have at least one copy of every Pokémon released (I hatched eggs from the fully evolved forms to get it so. I got the mythical ones from the events for the 20th anniversary.). One day when I was bored, I decided to level all of them up to 100.

It’s not easy let me tell you that. I have ‘level caps’ that I get them to then go to the next one to raise to that level cap. It goes 20, 35, 50, 70, 90 and finally 100. I can proudly say that none of them are less than level 35.

What I’ve done typically is to restart a game that I’ve cleared all but one my Pokémon in (cause one has to be in the party) and start playing. Since none of my target Pokémon are below 35 I train up extra or event Pokémon (like my hat Pikachus. It’s too bad the ones in the original games can’t evolve, I have enough for that. Maybe with the Let’s Go games I’ll be able to transfer some of my hat Raichus. Who knows?  I also finally got Celebi on PoGo thanks to the psychic event!

Anyway, the only other story I read was ‘Secrecy’ by Serena530. It’s a Harry Potter story where Harry learns Ron and Dumbledore are betraying him at the beginning of 2nd year. He starts staying away from Ron and Hermione (because she doesn’t notice the changes Ron forces on him) and becomes friends with Ginny. Watch how Harry and Ginny deal with the challenges that come before them! I like this one, but the author hasn’t updated it in a while. The story link is here –

Nothing else for today, I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend!


Hm, so I did a lot today. First of all I finished off Legion (wow four chapters, snort). Second I read the new chapters for Queen of the Seas and Relic of the Future. There was also a new chapter for a story called ‘Sealed Legacy’ by Psycho G. It’s a Naruto story where when Naruto is young, Jiraya stumbles upon a Uzumaki seal that when he activates it (not knowing what it does) almost kills him sending his knowledge and chakra to Naruto. Naruto slowly gets this knowledge and gets some of Jiraya’s habits too. It’s a good story but hasn’t been updated in while, so I was surprised to see it. The link to the story is –

Third, I started rewatching Darker Than Black because I kept getting updates for a story about it from an author I’m following named Brennus. They wrote a one-shot I mentioned earlier called ‘In the Heat of the Night.’ The story was called ‘Darker Than Black – Heaven’s Gate,’ and I rewatched some of it to remember the characters and story.

Darker Than Black is an anime about Hei, who has the ability to control electricity. He is a ‘contractor,’ someone who’s lost their emotions to get a power. They and ‘Dolls’ (those who also lost their emotions, but can track people instead) evolved from some people when the ‘Heaven Gate’ and ‘Hell Gate’ appeared one day. Hei or as he is dubbed ‘The Black Reaper’ works for ‘The Syndicate’ in tracking down targets and information.

Hei is not a normal contractor as he shows some emotions. He works with a Doll named Yin, an animal consciousness transfer contractor (this means that he can transfer his consciousness to animal) who is stuck in a cat’s body after his own died and a bitter human named Huang who doesn’t like contractors who is the leader. Hei wants to find his sister who disappeared and gets caught up in many events.

I only watched 13 of the 24 episodes (for now), but it was enough for what I needed and read the story. It’s okay, the story takes place after the second series and the author kills off the main female protagonist so another can get together with the main character. There’s only one chapter left, so we’ll see how the ending goes. Here is the link to the story –

Fourth, I started looking for a story I couldn’t remember the name of and now I think its been deleted from I have a store of all the stories on it up to 2015 (no, I didn’t make it) that I eventually found a while back. I eventually found it, ‘Survival of the Lamest’ and its sequel ‘Revenge of the Lamest’ by ShadowMajin.

It’s about Gohan’s class (before he goes to school) goes to his home to ‘camp’, silliness ensues. Also, Goku is alive for some reason. The second one is when Gohan actually goes to school. (This is Monday Matt – I was wrong these two are still up, see my day to get more on this.) I also found ‘Impasse’ and ‘Finesse’ by Dr. Trunks Briefs, I’ll talk about theses when I read them. (Monday Matt again, these are gone from

I didn’t read any of these, but if some wants to read them, let me know and I can send them to you. If anyone wants the archive, I’ll look up the link I got it from and send it to you. However just the zip files for them are several GB large each and the A archive (the archive for all the stories that start with A [the original stories not the fanfiction] and their crossovers) is 10.86 GB. So if want the archive make sure you have lots of space.

Moving on, I also read a new story for me called ‘Eighteen Years a Prodigy’ by AUS Wild Thing. It’s a Dragon Ball Z story I found while searching for the above stories. It’s about Videl, Erasa, and Sharpener going to a work-study program at Capsule Corp (CC). There they meet Gohan who has worked for CC (and never gone to school) for 2 years and is the head of Science and Inventing. It’s an interesting story, but slow updates based on it being started in 2015 and the latest update (the 5th chapter) being in November 2017. The link to the story is here –

I actually have one more new fanfiction and a new story that are connected, but because today’s post is long and I’ll be reading a lot more of the story tomorrow I’ll leave it till then. So long!


The story I mentioned yesterday is called Soul Land and I discovered it yesterday after reading a fanfiction that has it as a crossover with KHR. The fanfiction is a new one by sakurademonalchemist (so soon after the start of Queen of the Seas? Really?) called ‘Rising Dragon, Hidden Hammers.’ It has Fon reborn along with the main character and changing the story. Viper/Mammon is also tagged so I assume he/she (the original story never shows their gender) will be in it too. Only one chapter so couldn’t tell how will go. The link to the story is here – It says it’s crossovered with ManHua/Chinese Comics, but that’s just because there aren’t many fanfictions for Chinese comics (or Korean ones) so they just lump them all together into one category for each country.

Anyway, after reading the chapter I went to find the original story. Soul Land is about Tang San (no, San is his name not a Japanese honorific) who is reincarnated after killing himself for stealing secrets from his clan to help them. At 6 they get a spirit that they can train to get stronger. He gets a Blue Silver Grass (a weak spirit) and a Hammer. He hides the hammer (because none has two spirits) but proves he’s powerful by showing he has lots of spirit power. He goes to an academy to learn how to train his spirit. He has many adventures after that.

I started reading the manga yesterday, but only got to about chapter 21. Today I got to chapter 182. There are currently 212 chapters.

I also read new chapters for The Unseen Hunt, Enough, Queen of the Seas and Rising Dragon, Hidden Hammers. There were also several new chapters for stories I haven’t mentioned yet. One of these stories is ‘White’ by Melkor’s Mercy. It’s a Bleach story where Ichigo is eaten by the hollow from the first chapter because Rukia wasn’t in the human world yet. He takes over the hollow and starts changing things in Hueco Mundo. The story can be found here –

The next one is ‘Under the Sea’ by ginnyrules27. It’s a Harry Potter and “Little Mermaid” crossover. I’d describe the Little Mermaid, but if you haven’t seen it… Go See It Right Now! I mean really, it’s a classic and everyone should be able to say they’ve seen it, even if they hate it. It has the Dudley accidentally trying to drown Harry when he was young. He is found by the Ariel (who is the same age) and Triton makes him a merman. After a few years, Harry is found by McGonagall and Snape who transform him back and erase Harry’s and Ariel’s memories of each other. They meet each other in his fourth year. This is not a Harry/Ariel story. They end up with their cannon spouses. The link to the story is –

The last new update is for ‘New Developments’ by Illioh. It’s a Dragon Ball Z story where a spy satellite falls down after Gohan goes to school. It has footage from the Cell Games. How will this change things? Find out from this link –

Finally, I started rereading a Slytherin Harry fanfic called ‘Becoming Alpha’ by Miz636. It has Harry going to Slytherin and trying to combine the houses. This is a great story and I love reading it and it’s sequels. This one goes through third year. The overall story is complete and I really recommend it. The story can be found here –

See you tomorrow when this is posted!


Today I mostly finished rereading Becoming Alpha, playing Pokemon Sun and did work around the house. I read the new chapters for Rising Dragon, Hidden Hammers, Mauling Snarks and Queen of the Seas. I also read an older fic by sakurademonalchemist (meaning it’s unfinished) called ‘Heart of the Soul.’ It’s a KHR crossover with “Ghost Hunt.” Ghost Hunt is a light novel/anime about a girl named Mai who becomes a part of a paranormal agency who try to help those who are afflicted with those types of problems. It’s good! In the fanfic Mai is a female Tsuna who was run out of the house after her brother erased their mother’s memories of her. This one is also good! It can be found here –

The last story I read was ‘By Your Side is Where I Belong’ by TexasBean. It’s a One Piece and Naruto crossover. It has Zoro taking Naruto and Gaara (both 9ish) with him a few years before he would join Luffy. Thus Naruto and Gaara also join the One Piece crew. This link to the fic is –

I also learned that Survival of the Lamest and Revenge of the Lamest are still up. The link to SotL is here – and the link to RofL is here –

Sorry, it’s short. Want to get this up today. See you Thursday!