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Hello, I’m Matt.  I decided to start this blog in order to write more and share what I’m reading and watching and my thoughts on them.  I’ve been reading a lot of fanfiction lately, but am looking to read or reread books more often.  I’ll also be posting about the movies, TV shows & anime that I’m watching as well.

I’ve been a reader since I was young.  I’ll read most genres except Gore, but I’m not a huge horror fan.  I’ve been interested in Japanese animation since I was very young, when my brother gave me Kiki’s Delivery Service and My Neighbor Totoro and I watched shows such as Sailor Moon, Pokemon, and Dragon Ball Z.  Even though I read a lot when I was younger, it wasn’t until I was in middle school that I found manga.  I was in a Barnes & Noble looking through book titles when I found a book titled, “Cardcaptor Sakura: Master of the Clow Vol. 1.”  I was interested because I’d seen the show on TV and so I bought it.  When I got home and started to read it I learned that it read backwards and had to learn a new way to read.  It took me a few weeks to get used to it and now I can switch between the two reading styles with no effort.

Switching topics, I was an avid fan of Pokemon from the beginning.  I played Red and Blue, played the card game and went to card events where you could earn badges and special cards.  I followed the handheld games until they switched over to the DS, which I didn’t get until much later, and I stopped really following it.  Later in late 2013, when I didn’t have much to do I picked up X and Y.  I then spent a lot of my time collecting all the Pokemon out and have continued this into Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon along with Pokemon Go.  I’ll probably talk about what’s happening on PoGo on here as well with the release of Celebi and hopefully Smeargle next week along with the Regirock’s introduction to raid that happened today.

I’ve been rereading the fanfiction ‘Black Sky’ by the author Umei no Mei on Fanfiction.net for the last few days.  Here is a link to the story – http://www.fanfiction.net/s/10727911/1/.  It is an interesting crossover story between Harry Potter and Katekyoshi Hitman Reborn (KHR).  It features a female Harry and currently has 295 chapters, but the author is on a break from the story right now.  Umei no Mei also has several other stories, so be sure to check them out if Black Sky interests you.

Black Sky is an interesting story because it starts from young female Harry’s, named Dorea, birth and has several chapters showing her growing up before she goes to Hogwarts (thankfully not at the Dursleys).  It also starts long before the start of KHR and doesn’t even mention the main character of KHR in the story until well into the 100’s.  I enjoy this story because it doesn’t let itself get caught up on following the events of the ‘Harry Potter’ series and actually wraps the main content of that series within 75 chapters.

I will freely admit that I ‘ship’ Harry and Ginny and that I enjoy reading those stories that have that as a pairing.  People can say how he belongs with someone else, such as Hermione or Luna, but I have my reasons that I can go into later if anyone is interested.  However, I am willing to read a story that does not have that as pairing as long as it keeps my interest, is well written with minimal spelling errors and being a long story helps.  Black Sky fits all those categories and more.

I’ll stop here for now, but will post again either today or tomorrow.  Thanks for Reading!


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