Sixth Day

Hello again everyone!  Wow, tomorrow I will have posted on this blog for a full week.  Today was mostly a day filled with reading more chapters of Recoil and finishing rereading the High School DxD fic whose name I will not mention outside an R rated section (it only has 11 chapters so far).  I did however read a few new chapters from a fanfiction authors I haven’t mentioned yet.

The name of the fanfic is ‘Service with a Smile’ and is an RWBY fic by Coeur Al’Aran.  He has written many long length RWBY stories (with the character Jaune Arc as the main one), including a few over 60 chapters.  Service with a Smile is one of a set of three stories that start off with the consequences of his forged transcripts.  This one deals with them not being good enough and him not getting in.  ‘In the Kingdom’s Service’ deals with him getting in, but the transcripts getting a type of secret service suspicion and being forced to join.  The last one, ‘Professor Arc’, his transcripts are too good and the school hires him as a assistant teacher instead.  He has others, but those are the ones connected to the one I read a chapter of today.  The link to the story is –, and the link to Coeur Al’Aran’s profile is –

I read a new chapter yesterday from the story ‘Code Geass: Roar of the Rebellion’ by RyoshiMorino.  It’s a crossover fanfiction between Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion and several Zoids animes.  Code Geass is an anime where Great Britain was chased from their islands by Napoleon and took over the colonies.  They then became a superpower and have begun taking over most of the world except China and Europe.  Lelouch’s, the eleventh prince, mother (one of the king’s consorts) was killed and his sister hurt.  However, when he demanded his father do something about it (he’s only eleven), he and his wheelchair bound younger sister, Nunnally, to Japan as bargaining tools.  Britannia then invades not too much later and the two are thought to be dead.  Years later, Lelouch gets accidentally caught up in a terrorist attack and encounters a girl who gives him a power.  Using this power, he joins up with the Japanese terrorists and begins a rebellion to defeat his father and find out who murdered his mother.  Oh, and there are giant humanoid fighting robots too.

Code Geass is one of my favorite animes.  Not only is it a great story, but the ending and symbolism it entails is beyond words in my opinion.  I’m not sure how I feel about the new season/movie that is coming out next year (I think), it really depends on how they play it past the ending.

Zoids also includes giant fighting robots, but these instead are animal shaped, somewhat sentient, and the main character usually pilots a Liger zoid.  I remember watching Zoids – Chaotic Century when I was younger and enjoying it.  The link to the story is –

The last of the new chapters I read today was from a story called ‘Bits and Bobs’ by Epeefencer.  It is a story of currently 218 chapters made up of short snippets of story of Harry and Ginny’s lives (Harry Potter), mostly not connected, but in the most recent chapters have included R rated content (so people know).  I’m a huge fan of Epeefencer’s stories and have read all of them (all Harry/Ginny stories).  He hasn’t been posting much recently, but there is a lot of stories to get through if you’re new to his stories.  The link to the story is –, and the link to Epeefencer’s profile is –

I think that is everything for today.  Look forward to the week anniversary of my blog tomorrow!


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