Fifth Day

Hello mina (everyone in Japanese)!  Today was also short on reading time, but not just because I didn’t have time.  Part of it was that I messed around on my computer and watched all the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood openings and another part was that I spent time with other people raiding on PoGo because – The Celebi quests are up!  One of the first set of quests was to battle in a raid and on my local PoGo chat they were talking about a Regirock raid happening nearby.  So I drove over and we won the raid, but I didn’t catch it.  However, there was another one half an hour later I was also in that we won and I caught that one.  Yay, because it was my first one!  On the other hand, in the second set of Celebi quests it wants you to catch at least one Pokemon for three days so I can’t advance until Wednesday.

The most recent reason I was short on reading time was that for over two hours was offline.  Shortly after I started writing it came back on and I’ve read that it was because the location that the servers for it are located had a power outage.  I was rereading a fanfic called ‘Recoil’ by an author I mentioned yesterday, ack1308, that’s about Worm.  I’d actually gotten permission a while back to make a reading fanfiction about this story.  I started and got the prestory and the first chapter done, but I stopped and I want to get started again now that I’ve thought of it again.  It’s a everything goes wrong story that ends up with Taylor going back in time 22 years to try to fix it.  Definitely recommend it.  Here’s the link –  I also read a new chapter for the previously mentioned story – Mauling Snarks and a few mins ago got an email telling me that Taylor Varga has also been updated!

A story that I am one of the betas for updated with a new chapter.  The story is called ‘History’s Strongest Disciple Again?’ by azndrgn.  It is based on the manga/anime called “History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi” or “Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple”.  In this, a high school loser joins a martial arts school (mostly because of the hot granddaughter of one of the Masters but also because he gets beat up a lot), learns multiple disciplines and gets caught up in the martial arts world’s battle between light and dark.  It’s a good series.  azndrgn is also a great writer and has many fanfics, mostly having to do with RWBY.  The link to the fanfiction is here –  and the link to azndrgn’s profile is here –

R rated content

Okay, I had to put that up not only because of the content of the story (both the original and the fanfiction) but because of the title itself – ‘Go Away I’m Watching Porn’ by another author I previously mentioned Third Fang (and the main character actually does say that within the first few chapters).  Now with a title like that you would think that it involves porn, it does just not in the story so far (as in characters having sex), but it is mentioned and referenced a lot.  This is because, even in the original story, the main character Issei is obsessed with breasts and creating his own harem.  No, you did not read me wrong, a harem.  The original story is called “High School DxD” and was originally a light novel and then became a manga and anime.

Go Away I’m Watching Porn starts long before the main storyline of DxD and involves a OC (Original Character) from the other of his main stories, whose name is Ghost.  He gets involved with Issei for various reasons and screws up the universe (which he often does) so much that instead of enjoying High School after the time skip to the time of the main storyline, Issei is instead a shut in who has issues with crowds and being touched.  It’s amusing and serious, so it’s very good.  Here is the link for those brave (or stupid) enough to read it –

R rated content

Other than reading a chapter and a quarter of Ashes of the Past, I think I’ve covered everything from today.  Thanks for reading and talk to you tomorrow!


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