The New Normal

Hello everyone!  As the title indicates, after today’s post things are going to change.  After reading some of The Art of Blogging’s posts since my post yesterday, I decided that I needed to have more time between my posts to allow each post time to be the top post.  Since I proved that I can post every day for a week, I’m going to change it to posting twice a week.  This doesn’t mean I won’t be writing each day for the blog, just that I will only post what I’ve written twice weekly.  This means I will have multiple days posts in one post, so be warned they may be a bit longer than my posts have been so far.

I read a few chapters of Ashes of the Past today, but the main fanfiction that I’ve read since the last post is ‘Heroes Assemble!’ a Harry Potter/Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) & Marvel Universe (MU) crossover by Stargon1.  Anyone who does not know about the MCU can look it up and watch the movies, there’s way too much there to try and cover in this post (I mean there have been ten years worth of movies with more to come).  I mention the MU because characters and situations in the story are not or have not yet been shown in the MCU (like Squirrel Girl and the fact that they use the second set of Spiderman movies not the one in the MCU).

The premise of Heroes Assemble! is that after a few years as an auror, Harry decided everything was too much (he’s not with Ginny in this one and she’s one of the reasons he leaves, there is no pairing for him yet) and left to travel the world for 5ish years.  The last inhabited continent he goes to is North Amercia and decides to by a place in New York City to use as staging place.  It ends up turning into a pub and Harry is around during the attack of the Chitauri and puts on dragonhide clock to help out and ends up an Avenger.  Watch as his presence changes the MCU in fun and interesting ways.  I would definitely recommend all 66 of the current chapters.  It hasn’t gotten to Avengers 2 yet, but it’s getting closer.  Here is the link –

I haven’t read anything else today, but I figured I’d mention a fun anime that only has one season so far, but will most likely have more eventually (the artist for the show was caught tracing the characters from other shows and production it stalled).  It’s called No Game, No Life.  It started off as a light novel series (that has been released in the United States), but became an anime and manga.  It has a set of stepsiblings, Sora and Shiro, who are genius shut-ins that play and dominate games that play as the undefeated [] or Blank.  They are challenged to a game by a mysterious entity and when they win, are transported to a world were every thing has to be decided by games (by the rule of the God that brought them there).  They aim to defeat everyone and challenge said God.  It’s funny and worth watching/reading, be sure to look it up.

That’s it for today, look for me to post on Monday and Thursdays from now on.  If this is the first post of mine you’ve read, feel free to read the posts from my first week.  In them I talk about many fanfictions and the stories they originate from.  See you on Monday!

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