Sorry I’m Late Again, I Have Good Reasons (along with some Endgame)

Hello everyone!  Sorry for being late, Friday there was a tornado warning and that drove the blog from my mind and yesterday was so busy that I forgot until too late I was going to do it.  So, I’m finally doing it today!  On PoGo, many new shinnies are out, and the Lake Trio are out as the 5-Star raid (and I got one, on my fourth raid).  They’re available by region like the Legendary Dogs were and it’s assumed that they’ll switch around next month, so everyone eventually has a chance at all three.  Detective Pikachu is coming out next week, so look forward to my thoughts on it.

I got to over chapter 100 of Ashes of the Past (of almost 300) and reread The XXXX You Say.  The new chapters this week were: Black Sky, Dawn of Magic (1st Sat, 1st Sun & Mon), Corpse Cleaner, Relic of the Future (1st & 2nd Sat), Gun Bunny (1st & 2nd Sat), How Eating a Strange Fruit Gave Me My Quirk, Taylor Varga (1st Sat, Tues, Wed & Fri), The Unseen Hunt (1st & 2nd Sun), Yesterday’s Tomorrow (the last chapter before it ties back into Black Sky), Mauling Snarks (Mon & Fri), Queen of the Seas, Another Soldier Reporting (Mon, Tues, Wed & 2nd Sat), Famiglia Drabbles (Mon, Tues & Wed), Kingdom Drabbles (2 on Tues), Hive Daughter (Tues & Thurs) , Service With A Smile, Seerking’s Asylum, Broken Dreams, Flames, Ashikabi of Thunder & Lightning, Heroes Assemble!, Raptor of the 20th Ward, Unexpected Restart & Warlock.

First, what I promised last time, my review of Avengers – Endgame.

*Spoiler Warning*

So, wow, what an ending to a saga over a decade in the making.  Those three hours are worth it, but there are some things that need to be said.  First, while I didn’t really try to think about how things would turn out, I wasn’t surprised that Iron Man died, and that Captain America lived out his life in an alternate past.  I knew that their contracts were up, but also Iron Man was the start and so he is the end.  Both of them were able to be a peace (Cap with Peggy and Iron Man with Marrying Pepper and having a kid [along with being able to see Peter again]).  I was surprised that Black Widow died, I honestly thought that it would be Hawkeye.  Maybe the Black Widow movie will be him telling his children how he met her?

Next, going back to the past, I was honestly amused because it seemed like one of the plots of the fanfiction I read.  Go back to the past, take the stones and return them where they belong at the same moment, but later… Yeah, that worked.  That changed a past, and the timeline split (who knows if they’re ever going to do anything with that).  I mean, Loki escaped, that had to change things, (also, the Cap’s ass joke was a little overdone).  And then the Nebula dual thing and past Thanos coming to the future to fix things again, yeah, what’s the other universe going to face with no Thanos and his crew for GOtG and after?  Yep, so everyone’s back (except those three) and the people who were snapped have to deal with the people who weren’t that have been moving on these five years.  It’s going to be confusing and I hope they deal with this in the Spiderman movie.

Finally, the last Stan Lee cameo and isn’t that a sad thing to say.  Also there really isn’t an end credit scene, just an audio clip of Tony building his first Iron Man Suit from the first Iron Man movie.

*End Spoiler Warning*

Next, I watched Saga of Tanya the Evil all in one night (only 12 episodes).  It’s a light novel turned anime about an atheist from our world (a Japanese business man) who is reincarnated in another world by a being calling itself ‘God’ or as he calls it ‘Being X.’  This ‘Being X’ wants him to believe that they are the God and so makes him a girl and puts her at start of WWI on Germany’s side (though it’s a different country [The Empire] and there is magic).  At a young age, Tanya joins the military in order to have a leisurely life, but instead is constantly on the front lines and trying to overcome great odds.  There are 10 novels overall from what I hear and 5 have been published here in America.  Also the Movie is coming out in America on the 16th of this month and you can get tickets on Fathom Events.

Moving on, I’ve also been reading some fics from Megamatt09, but as with all his stories there is a

*R Rated Content*

warning.  Yeah, so there is rereading Ascension Book One: Bloodline which is a Harry Potter & DC Universe crossover.  Harry is Kryptonian (and technically Zod’s son) because of a crystal that Lily touched from Krypton.  This is about him learning about his powers and dealing with everything in the HP universe and essentially … having sex with everywoman he can get his hands on.  It has wizards (and witches) maturing early a thus have a need to go at it.  Yeah, I mostly read it for the plot and skip the lemons.  There’s a sequel with him dealing with the rest of the DC Uni, but I’ll talk about that later.

Then there is Young Justice Rebirth Volume One which I haven’t read before.  It has Harry being Superboy/Man (the main Kryptonian is Superwoman in this one) made from Harry Potter (who doesn’t remember who he is really and we don’t know how he ending up here) and Kryptonian cells.  Follows the Young Justice series plot and luckly, the lemons are in their own chapters and thus can be skipped.  Not finished yet.

*R Rated Content End*

I also reread Becoming Lífþrasir by Midoriko-sama.  It’s a How to Train Your Dragon fic where Hiccup leaves before Astrid finds him with Toothless and travels the world.  Astrid, feeling guilty, becomes engaged to him and helps the Chief with running the tribe.  They meet again 5 years later when Berk goes against Dragon Island and the disguised Hiccup saves them.  Read how they learn who he is and the problems they face.

That’s it for this week, hope everyone has a great week!  See you on Friday (actually this time) and I’ll talk about the Lelouch Movie I’m gonna see on Tuesday then.  Until then, May Your Heart Be Your Guiding Key!

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