I Need to Talk so I’ll Talk to You or Me Ranting about KHUx’s Ending

Hello everyone, I have returned and while I can’t promise I won’t leave again, I can promise I’ll say something if I decide I won’t ever post again.

This past year and a few months has been hard on many people. I will admit I had it better than some as my job never stopped working for COVID. However, the main groups I hung out with occasionally stopped meeting. Those being church and my local Pokémon Go group.

I will admit to being a person who enjoys solitude, but just being around people (even if I’m not interacting with them) recharges me a bit. It didn’t help that I moved with my family to a new state and I know very few people here and none my own age or anyone with my interests. So it’s been a little lonely.

I’m just a temp at my new job and no one is really close to my age (older) and there’s always a chance I could not be renewed after this month. It’s an interesting job, but there are times where we’re not really doing much. I’m told it gets busier soon, but they’ve been saying that for a bit.

But for what prompted me to write, it was the ending to Kingdom Hearts Union x. The worldwide version hasn’t gotten it yet, but Everglow and his team made a translation of the Japanese version’s. So fair warning there will be *spoilers*.

Wow, there’s so much to unpack. First of all, the Master of Masters’ plan to deal with the 13 original Darknesses. So based on what was said and previous episodes, Ventus locked one inside his heart and it eventually became Vanitias. The Master of Masters, Luxu, and the Five Original Union leaders, sealed 7 into their hearts because of everything that happened in the Keyblade War (though Luxu’s happened after he sent ? [Most likely either Strelitzia or Master Ava] into the future), all of which the MoM’s planned. 4 are locked in a cable between digital worlds because of things that will be explained in a little while and the last is most likely locked up with the Dandelions (or in Scala ad Calem cause we don’t know what happened to the one Luxu was fighting because supposedly he already had one inside him).

First of all, what’s the MoM’s endgame here? Because Sora is most likely going to be going against the Lost Masters sooner or later, so are they going to be taken over by the darkness or they going to pretend to be dark to get Sora and company to destroy the Darkness inside of them?

Moving past that, let’s go over what happened to the current Union Leaders and company. Lauriam, Ventus and Elrena are sent to the future. Lauriam ends up in the Dwarf Woodlands, Ventus ends up in the Keyblade Graveyard and Elrena ends up in the Enchanted Dominion. Brain’s heart gets sent to the future, but his body is the first taken over by Luxu.

The player’s character pretends to be taken over by Darkness when they, Skuld and Ephemer are surrounded by four of them. After nearly defeating Skuld and Ephemer, Ephemer sends the player and the Darknesses into the cable between worlds and locks that exit. The player reveals to the Darknesses that he was never taken over and locks the other entrance to the cable, locking all of them in. Skuld and Ephemer take the two pods sent by Brain? to the original Daybreak Town. There they find themselves alone and the world falling apart. They get back in the pods, but it’s unknown if they actually take them to the future, but it seems that at least Ephemer didn’t because it’s revealed when Brain gets to the future that Ephemer was the First Master of Scalia ad Calem and helped them rebuild after Daybreak Town fell apart. We don’t know what happens to Skuld so she may have been sent to the future or not (or even if she survived). She may have been shown as Xehenort’s mother in a part I will talk about in a little bit, but I don’t know. For all we know, the two lived out their lives and then took the pods to the future.

Okay first for this one, so we don’t know when any of the people sent to the future arrived. Ventus is the only one that has a place when can guess at, which is a few years before Birth By Sleep. For Lauriam and Elrena we don’t know if this was them arriving from the past or when they’re defeated by Sora in KH3 (though most likely the first one) and thus we still don’t know how they fell to darkness. Skuld is MIA and Ephemer most likely spent his days out building Scala ad Calem and Brain arrived at some point and maybe became Eraquis’ parent? ancestor?, who knows.

Second for this one, how did they have bodies waiting for them in the future? Based on my guess, Luxu let Scala ad Calem know when Brain would arrive so they would have a medium? body? waiting for him when he arrived. Then Brain would help them find out when the others would arrive and get the same for them? Also, someone had to know them in the future. For Brain, Luxu remembered him, but what about the others? Questions to be answered maybe at some point in time.

Finally, we have what happened to the player. When the four Darknesses confront Skuld, Ephemer and the Player, we pretend to be possessed by darkness to get Ephemer to send us with the Darknesses into the cord between data worlds. Then we lock the other exit of the cord and lock them up and fade to light. There we see all the other Dandelions go to sleep and their Chirithys taking their hearts and transforming into Dream Eaters. We decide not to got to sleep and are told our hearts will dissolve into another heart. Then we see flashes of Xehanort’s life including his mother giving him up, implying that the Player becomes Xehanort. Yes, we all have been Norted, lol. So the question is, when Xehanort decided to pass away at the end of KH3, does the Player have a chance at coming back?

So many questions and few answers. Hopefully E3 will have some more information on the 2nd Phase of Kingdom Hearts and hopefully the International version of Union x will load the last update soon. I’ll return soon with more fanfic and other things next time. And as always, May Your Heart Be Your Guiding Key.

Anime Week (and the New Quest Continues)

Hey peoples!  It’s once again time for Matt’s ramblings!  It’s been a pretty boring week, but at least my hours are back up again.  Yay!  I’ve mostly been rereading (more like listening) to Death March web novel.  The new chapters this week are: Relic of the Future, Less Than Zero, An Essence of Silver and Steel, Mauling Snarks (Sat, Mon & Fri), The Unseen Hunt, The Rising of the Shield Heroine, Celestial Worm, Seerking’s Asylum, Ginny’s Plan, Darth Vader: Hero of Naboo, Naruto: The Game of Life, Titanfall and Taylor Varga (Omake).

I participated in the Torchic Community Day for PoGo even though I wasn’t feeling the greatest, but I still got seven shinies!  It’s raid week and tomorrow there’ll be three hours where Lapras will be available as a raid boss continually and it has a shiny chance!  I watched the new anime The Rising of the Shield Hero and was honestly not that impressed (especially with the last few episodes).  I’ve read the chapters that depict that battle and they drew out it, a lot.  Though I have to say I’m looking for to the next episode where some characters get their comeuppance (read the princess and the King)!

I also watched what’s out for the anime Wise Man’s Grandson.  It’s another transported to another world anime based off a light novel.  It has a man get reborn into a new world when he dies and is taught magic by his adopted grandfather (who is very famous, but never tells the main character).   He’s very powerful by the time he becomes 15, but he’s never taught anything about the common sense of the world.  Watch as he goes to Magic Academy and changes the world!

Finally (for this part) I watched the first season of Overlord (another anime from a light novel based on a transported person).  This one has a gamer whose favorite game is shutting down.  He’s the last of his guild around and decides to stay online until the server is shut down.  He changes a line in an NPC, saying that she’s in love with him.  When the server is shut down, he and the base are transported to a new world.  The NPC’s come to life and he is stuck as a Lich.  He investigates the world and plans to spread the name of his guild Aniz Ooal Gown so if others of his guild are there, they’ll find him.  There are now three seasons and 13 light novels out now.

I’ll do the new fanfics before the quest stories.  The author of Mauling Snarks (CmptrWz) has a new story, Hybrid Hive: Eat Shard?  It’s a Worm and Lyrical Nanoha crossover.  A broken Unison device from Belka finds Taylor triggering and finding her a good match (magically) ‘eats’ the Shard.  It’s interesting even though there are only three chapters so far.

Next, I read Overlord – Lich and Vampire by Seerking (because I was watching the anime).  It’s the same, except another guild member logs on not long before the server shuts down and is also transported with everyone.  Watch as she changes things (though not much since it’s only five chapters and hasn’t been updated since 2017).

Then, sakurademonalchemist came out with a new story (though I know it from a compliation fic), Demon Skylark.  It’s a KHR and Naruto crossover where Kyouya is reborn (lol) into Naruto Uzumaki.  He hates Konoha because it’s full of fake carnavores and he runs away to Suna.  There he meets Fem Gaara (Gaia) and they become close.  Only one chapter so far.

Onto the quest with Myrddin de Celestis, Chapter 20 is Ruby’s Fate.  It was a two-chapter RWBY and Harry Potter crossover.  Fem. Harry leaves her universe and ends up in the RWBY one.  There’s not much here, but she ends up helping them during the end of season 2.

Chapter 21 is Hidden Paths.  It was an eight-chapter Harry Potter story where after Dumbledore dies, Harry discovers that Dumbles sealed away much of his potential.  It starts coming back to him in segments.  He and Ginny train to put an end to the war.  Then Dumbles returns.  It’s okay but needs some editing.  Chapter 22 (Impossible Awakening) is a different version of the first chapter (it’s better, but darker).

Chapter 23 is GHOST.  It was a seven-chapter Harry Potter and Danny Phantom crossover.  Danny Phantom is a really great cartoon that ended too abruptly.  It’s about Danny Fenton, whose parents are ghost hunters.  They build a ghost portal, but it doesn’t work.  Danny accidentally fixes it, but becomes half ghost.  He uses his ghost form to fight and capture the ghosts.  As I said, they ended things really fast.  I wish they had continued it.

Harry almost dies saving a kid and awakens his ghost side.  He uses it to reveal the dark side of Hogwarts.  Along with finding a painting with two more founders.  It’s an okay one, but not the greatest.  Chapter 24 (Spirit of the Phantasm) is the same, but different and was started after this one.  It focuses on going to the Greengrass house first.

Chapter 25 is Time Will Tell.  It was a Harry Potter story with five chapters.  In it, Harry and Ginny have lived to a future where the war is lost.  They use an artifact to go back in time but end up in their baby bodies.  Not much, but it’s not bad.

Chapter 26 is Shifters.  I’ve read this one a while back and it was fun.  It was a twelve-chapter Harry Potter and Negima crossover.  It has Harry discovering he is a shifter after second year and can change into anyone he touches.  He fakes his death and makes a new identity (Eva from Negima) to give Ginny a friend.  They bring changes to Hogwarts.  Chapter 27 (TransShift) is a Christmas 5th year version where he doesn’t fake his death.  It’s three chapters, but no Negima crossover.

Chapter 28 is Copykitten.  It was a two-chapter Harry Potter and Naruto crossover.  It has Fem. Harry being hidden as a male from everyone (including herself).  She has mystical eyes that allow her to copy everything she sees, including spells.  Doesn’t get much past her going into the Leaky Cauldron.

Chapter 29 is Balance in the Power of Gaia.  It was a three-chapter Harry Potter story where Harry is under a spell that causes people/creatures to fall in love with him.  He rebels and ends up at the Creeveys.  It’s kinda meh in my opinon.

The last one I’ll talk about is Chapter 30, Avenge the Lost.  It was a three-chapter Harry Potter, MCU and Avengers crossover.  Harry is the brother of the Boy-Who-Lived and when Death Eaters ‘kill’ his youngest sister (she is brought back but doesn’t have control of her magic) he claims he’ll have vengeance and runs away.  He meets Black Widow and they have a brief fling.  Years later, he returns and starts taking out DEs.  It ends with Fury sending Black Widow after Harry for the Avenger Initiative.

That’s it for today.  I hope everyone has a great week and I’ll see you next week.  May Your Heart Be Your Guiding Key!

Sorry I’m Late Again, I Have Good Reasons (along with some Endgame)

Hello everyone!  Sorry for being late, Friday there was a tornado warning and that drove the blog from my mind and yesterday was so busy that I forgot until too late I was going to do it.  So, I’m finally doing it today!  On PoGo, many new shinnies are out, and the Lake Trio are out as the 5-Star raid (and I got one, on my fourth raid).  They’re available by region like the Legendary Dogs were and it’s assumed that they’ll switch around next month, so everyone eventually has a chance at all three.  Detective Pikachu is coming out next week, so look forward to my thoughts on it.

I got to over chapter 100 of Ashes of the Past (of almost 300) and reread The XXXX You Say.  The new chapters this week were: Black Sky, Dawn of Magic (1st Sat, 1st Sun & Mon), Corpse Cleaner, Relic of the Future (1st & 2nd Sat), Gun Bunny (1st & 2nd Sat), How Eating a Strange Fruit Gave Me My Quirk, Taylor Varga (1st Sat, Tues, Wed & Fri), The Unseen Hunt (1st & 2nd Sun), Yesterday’s Tomorrow (the last chapter before it ties back into Black Sky), Mauling Snarks (Mon & Fri), Queen of the Seas, Another Soldier Reporting (Mon, Tues, Wed & 2nd Sat), Famiglia Drabbles (Mon, Tues & Wed), Kingdom Drabbles (2 on Tues), Hive Daughter (Tues & Thurs) , Service With A Smile, Seerking’s Asylum, Broken Dreams, Flames, Ashikabi of Thunder & Lightning, Heroes Assemble!, Raptor of the 20th Ward, Unexpected Restart & Warlock.

First, what I promised last time, my review of Avengers – Endgame.

*Spoiler Warning*

So, wow, what an ending to a saga over a decade in the making.  Those three hours are worth it, but there are some things that need to be said.  First, while I didn’t really try to think about how things would turn out, I wasn’t surprised that Iron Man died, and that Captain America lived out his life in an alternate past.  I knew that their contracts were up, but also Iron Man was the start and so he is the end.  Both of them were able to be a peace (Cap with Peggy and Iron Man with Marrying Pepper and having a kid [along with being able to see Peter again]).  I was surprised that Black Widow died, I honestly thought that it would be Hawkeye.  Maybe the Black Widow movie will be him telling his children how he met her?

Next, going back to the past, I was honestly amused because it seemed like one of the plots of the fanfiction I read.  Go back to the past, take the stones and return them where they belong at the same moment, but later… Yeah, that worked.  That changed a past, and the timeline split (who knows if they’re ever going to do anything with that).  I mean, Loki escaped, that had to change things, (also, the Cap’s ass joke was a little overdone).  And then the Nebula dual thing and past Thanos coming to the future to fix things again, yeah, what’s the other universe going to face with no Thanos and his crew for GOtG and after?  Yep, so everyone’s back (except those three) and the people who were snapped have to deal with the people who weren’t that have been moving on these five years.  It’s going to be confusing and I hope they deal with this in the Spiderman movie.

Finally, the last Stan Lee cameo and isn’t that a sad thing to say.  Also there really isn’t an end credit scene, just an audio clip of Tony building his first Iron Man Suit from the first Iron Man movie.

*End Spoiler Warning*

Next, I watched Saga of Tanya the Evil all in one night (only 12 episodes).  It’s a light novel turned anime about an atheist from our world (a Japanese business man) who is reincarnated in another world by a being calling itself ‘God’ or as he calls it ‘Being X.’  This ‘Being X’ wants him to believe that they are the God and so makes him a girl and puts her at start of WWI on Germany’s side (though it’s a different country [The Empire] and there is magic).  At a young age, Tanya joins the military in order to have a leisurely life, but instead is constantly on the front lines and trying to overcome great odds.  There are 10 novels overall from what I hear and 5 have been published here in America.  Also the Movie is coming out in America on the 16th of this month and you can get tickets on Fathom Events.

Moving on, I’ve also been reading some fics from Megamatt09, but as with all his stories there is a

*R Rated Content*

warning.  Yeah, so there is rereading Ascension Book One: Bloodline which is a Harry Potter & DC Universe crossover.  Harry is Kryptonian (and technically Zod’s son) because of a crystal that Lily touched from Krypton.  This is about him learning about his powers and dealing with everything in the HP universe and essentially … having sex with everywoman he can get his hands on.  It has wizards (and witches) maturing early a thus have a need to go at it.  Yeah, I mostly read it for the plot and skip the lemons.  There’s a sequel with him dealing with the rest of the DC Uni, but I’ll talk about that later.

Then there is Young Justice Rebirth Volume One which I haven’t read before.  It has Harry being Superboy/Man (the main Kryptonian is Superwoman in this one) made from Harry Potter (who doesn’t remember who he is really and we don’t know how he ending up here) and Kryptonian cells.  Follows the Young Justice series plot and luckly, the lemons are in their own chapters and thus can be skipped.  Not finished yet.

*R Rated Content End*

I also reread Becoming Lífþrasir by Midoriko-sama.  It’s a How to Train Your Dragon fic where Hiccup leaves before Astrid finds him with Toothless and travels the world.  Astrid, feeling guilty, becomes engaged to him and helps the Chief with running the tribe.  They meet again 5 years later when Berk goes against Dragon Island and the disguised Hiccup saves them.  Read how they learn who he is and the problems they face.

That’s it for this week, hope everyone has a great week!  See you on Friday (actually this time) and I’ll talk about the Lelouch Movie I’m gonna see on Tuesday then.  Until then, May Your Heart Be Your Guiding Key!

I Can See The Light at the End of the Quest (But It’s Dim)

Hello everyone! It was a quiet weekend, but I got 7 shiny Treekos in this month’s community day of PoGo. There’s an event this weekend where you can get shiny Lotad and normal type Castform (no shiny rain, sunny or snow). I finished Honestly Harry – The Matter of the Furious Fugitives. This weeks new chapters are: Mauling Snarks, Taylor Varga (actual chapter and omakes), Flameheart (Sat, Sun, Tues), Melody of Fire (Sat, Sun, Tues), The Dragon’s Knight (Sat, Sun, Tues), Viridescent, [Jaune Ryu-Long, The Dragon Contractor], Seerking’s Asylum and Archer.

Onto my progress on the sakurademonalchemist quest – (once again, no starters cause there are so many) Sirius Fowl is a Harry Potter and Artemis Fowl crossover. Artemis Fowl is a book series (with a movie coming soon!) about 12 year old Artemis Fowl, a genius who wants to get his family’s wealth back by any means. The method he chooses is to steal from the fairy’s hiding in the earth. He kidnaps Captain Holly of LEPrecon in order to this. Follow this and his following adventures with the fairies!

In the fic, Artemis’ mother is Lily’s biological sister and Lily sends Harry to her when she dies. Renamed Sirius Fowl, he lives his life as Artemis’ brother. When the accident with their father happens, Harry helps Artemis with his quest. However, will things happen differently? This stories was last updated in 2012, but all others today were last updated in 2011 and all of them are unfinished.

Jamie Silver is a Gundam Wing and Harry Potter crossover. Harry escapes from the wizarding world, changes his name and buys an apartment complex that he uses for werewolves and other disenfranchised people. He learns of an older brother who happens to be one of the Gundam Pilots. Warning! In this story the Gundam Pilots are mostly in relationships with each other. Don’t Like, Don’t Read!

Phantomhive Wizards is a crossover between Harry Potter and Kuroshituji (or Black Butler). Black Butler is a manga turned anime about young Ceil Phantomhive who has a demon butler named Sebastian. He is aristocrat who solves crime in London’s underworld while trying to find the people who killed his parents with Sebastian’s help. It’s set in an older London.

In the fic, Harry’s magic transports him back in time and he is adopted by Ceil. Harry is taken back to his time (against his will), he is forced to attend Hogwarts. But how will this work as he keeps time sliding. It’s only five chapters, but they go to at least three time periods.

Phoenix Soldier is a crossover between Sailor Moon and Harry Potter. Hotaru is really fem. Harry and has the powers of a Star Pheonix (who were thought lost). This is why she reverts back to a toddler. With her new family (the Outer Scouts), will she be able to grow up again without Dumbles’ interferance?

Pandora Academy is a crossover between Pandora Hearts and Harry Potter. Pandora Hearts is a manga turned anime about Oz Vessalius, a noble who is sent to the prison ‘Abyss’ during his coming of age party (15). There he meets Alice, a ‘chain,’ who gives him power and helps him escape in exchange for his help finding her memories. Why was he sent to the Abyss and will things be different when he gets out? And how is Alice connected to it all? Read a few chapters to get the beginning of it.

In the fic, Harry gets tired of everything with the wizarding world and applies to Pandora Academy with Sirius to learn about Summoning. They get special items and are led to the Abyss to see if their summons are there. Harry meets Alice and Sirius, Raven. How is Harry connected to Oz?

Pandora Souls is another Pandora Hearts and Harry Potter crossover. Lily calls on her family summon from the Abyss to help save her son. Oz, Alice and the others hear her call and decide to help Harry. How will the wizarding world react to them?

Abyss of Silence is the last (currently) of the Harry Potter and Pandora Hearts crossovers. Young Harry accepts the avatar of Darkness into his heart and sides with it against Dumbles. When they decide to visit the Pandora Hearts world and are trapped until the end of the series, what will they do? Heck if I know, only five chapters.

Pirates and Wizards is a Harry Potter and One Piece crossover. Harry learns after the war that the Veil is a portal to the afterlife for wizards, which is the One Piece world. Harry goes through to find his lost friends and family. Warning – Mentions of gay Harry. Don’t Like, Don’t Read!

That’s it for this weekend! We’re getting close to the end! Have a great week and see y’all on Friday! May Your Heart Be Your Guiding Key!

The Neverending Quest and a mention of Bruno

Hi my people! (lol, thought I’d try it once, never again). Nothing much happened this week other than getting moved around to different areas of my job because I’m a temp. I’ve continued reading Honestly Harry – The Matter of the Furious Fugitives, but I’m not finished rereading it yet. The new chapters this week are A Smile on Your Face and a Song in Your Heart, Issei – The Gaming Gear, Heroes Assemble!, How Eating a Strange Fruit Gave Me My Quirk, History Strongest Disciple Again? and Mauling Snarks.

Since all the stories I’m going to talk about are sakurademonalchemist stories, I’m just going to skip the “first, second, next, and followed by” because there are way too many to keep finding new intros.

Soul Brothers is a Bleach and Harry Potter crossover. It has Harry and Ichigo switching bodies as young children and switching back right before Hogwarts. Since they can talk mentally, they can make a difference. How will the two change their destinies? It’s one of the longest at twenty chapters. Unless otherwise stated all stories have not been updated since 2012 and are unfinished.

Double Trouble is the longest of the stories this time at twenty-two. It’s another Bleach and Harry Potter crossover, but this time Tatsuki is a Fem Harry. She leads a double life as Tatsuki and a Soul Reaper. How does she do it and will her past come back to haunt her?

Broken Fates is a Harry Potter and Naruto crossover where Harry learns before fifth year that he is related to the Uchiha and decides to live with them instead of staying with the Dursleys. He and Itachi get along and help Itachi and Sasuke get through the purge because they weren’t there. How else will Harry change things?

Shugo Shinobi is a Shugo Chara! and Naruto crossover. Shugo Chara! is a manga turned anime about Amu Hinamori, a grade schooler who is thought of a ‘cool’ and ‘distant’ because of her clothes and attitude. However, she’s just a normal girl who wants to change her outer character. She wakes up with three different colored eggs in her bed that turn into little people that are her would-be selves. She joins a group in her school that has these ‘shugo chara’ that protects other people’s would-be selves from being x-ed and lost. It’s actually pretty good, but gets weird in the last season with ‘live-action’ versions of the team-ups as idols that introduce the show.

In the fic, Naruto wakes up with two Chara eggs and one of them looks like the Fourth Hokage. How will he deal with with along with becoming a ninja? And does Hinata have one too? I would say read and find out, but it’s only two chapters.

When Death grows bored is a Harry Potter and Final Destination crossover. Final Destination is a movie series about a group of kids who escape a plane’s destruction because of a vision. Death doesn’t like this so, one by one they’re killed off.

In the fic, Harry is one of Death’s reapers and they are bored and decide to play a game. Give a vision of a disaster to a person and then hunt down those who escape while betting on who will have the best death. There are also his old friends who want to know what he’s doing, but what does he care about them?

Shadow Wolf is a Harry Potter and Wolf’s Rain crossover. Wolf’s Rain is a anime about wolves who can hide as people that are in hiding because they were hunted to almost destruction. It follows one of them, Kiba, as he tries to find Paradise, a place where wolves can live in peace at the end of the world. Haven’t seen much of it, but it’s interesting.

In the fic, Harry is Kiba’s younger brother and Kiba finds him before his first year. Harry still goes to Hogwarts, but it’s different as he knows he’s a wolf. How will Hogwarts deal with a True Wolf? Another two chapter story.

Harry Sohma is a Harry Potter and Fruits Basket crossover. After an accident almost kills Kyo before the series (if you’ve read it, you know which one I’m talking about), Harry saves him by combining their bodies. This is after the war, but the English wizards still come looking for him. When they’re sent to the past, they plan to help the past Harry not have to deal with his projected future. Mentions of a potential boy/boy relationship, but not happened yet. Don’t Like, Don’t Read.

Okami Mitarashi is a Harry Potter and Naruto crossover that has Harry growing up as Okami in a Konoha orphanage with Naruto. He’s adopted by Anko, but still acts as Naruto’s brother. When Okami’s origins come for him, how will they react to who he is?

Bad Luck is a Harry Potter and Black Cat crossover. Train is Harry reincarnated after he died too early. Watch as Harry affects Train and changes things. Will they be able to stop the tragedy that lead to Train leaving Chronos? Who knows, it’s only two chapters.

Sakura Kuchiki is a Bleach and Harry Potter crossover. Lily was Byakuya’s sister and when she dies, the Soul Society finds fem Harry and takes her from the Dursleys. She grows up in Soul Society and runs from the insane captain of squad twelve often. How will Hogwarts deal with a trained soul reaper? Once again, don’t know; it’s only three chapters.

I can see the end of the tunnel, but it’ll still be a week or two. The last thing I’ll talk about is an older animated show called Bruno the Kid. I was looking for it cause I remembered the only three part episodes in the series and couldn’t remember what it was called. Bruno is a sixth grader (voiced by Bruce Willis) who accidentally becomes an agent for the world-wide peacekeeping organization Globe. They don’t know he’s a kid because he uses an avatar to talk to them (it looks like Bruce Willis). Watch as he takes down the bad guys and saves the world, while keeping his second life from his friends and family. It’s fun and I found the episodes on Youtube.

That’s it for the week, hope everyone has an awesome weekend (don’t forget the Treeko community day on PoGo tomorrow!)! See everyone on Tuesday and May Your Heart Be Your Guiding Key (lol, I just realized I’m wearing that shirt currently!).

The Continuing Quest and some PoGo

Hello everyone! I don’t have that much to post today as I changed the new posting schedule to Tuesday and Friday, but there are a few stories. First off, I started rereading (from where I left off) Honestly Harry – Year of the Rock to finish it and move on to the next one. The new chapters this week are: Black Sky (Wed, Thurs, Fri), [Kaien’s Fate, Aizen’s Experiment, and Ichigo’s Sister], Heroes Assemble!, Breaking the Guilded Cage, Ashes of the Past, Seerking’s Asylum, and Mauling Snarks. I got the news EX Raid Pokémon – Deoxys (Attack Form) on PoGo and now have all of the Gen 1 and 2 Pokémon with the recent release of Smeargle. I’m only missing 4 of the Gen 3 that are out, but those are all regional Pokémon I can’t get easily. There are two others (Kecleon and Jirachi), but they haven’t been released yet.

Moving on the the sakurademonalchemist fics (yep, still be a few weeks), first off of the ones I’m rereading is Hunter x of x Flames. It’s a KHR and Hunter x Hunter fic. Hunter x Hunter is a manga turned anime about Gon Freecss who leaves his home island to find his missing father by following him into becoming a Hunter. Hunters track down treasures, rare beasts, other humans and many more things. Follow Gon and his new friends as they try to achieve their ambitions. The manga is still going from what I remember, just not very fast.

In the fic, young Tsuna is captured by the same people who got Mokuro and helps them escape. When the Vongola try to take him back, he decides to become a Hunter to stop the Mafia from interfering with his life. This doesn’t work out so well, but he still gains some good friends. Not updated since 2017.

Second is Blades of an Unlimited Sky, a Fate/Stay Night and KHR crossover. Tsuna (or rather Shiro) is kidnapped and ends up in the Fuyuki Fire. Iemitsu Sawada finds him after his adopted father dies and forces him back to his old life (that he doesn’t remember). Watch as Shiro deals with Reborn and stumps him at every turn! Same update year as above.

Then there’s A Very Goodwitch, a RWBY and Harry Potter crossover. A three-year-old fem Harry is found by Glinda Goodwitch as she heads to an interview at Beacon. She adopts her and fem Harry is raised at Beacon. She learns many things and befriends many people that help her as she eventually comes to Beacon herself. 2017 again.

After that was Mirrored Lives, a Ranma ½ and Fate/Stay Night crossover. A deaged and curse form locked Ranma ends up in Fuyuki for the fire and loses her memories. Kiritsugu adopts her and Shiro, leading to many interesting situations. She eventually learns of who she once was, but doesn’t care about it. Watch as her interesting luck changes things for everyone! Updated early 2017.

Then was Storm of the Gods, a Naruto and Thor crossover. Years before the events of Thor, said Asgardian is punished by being sent to live out life as a mortal until he learns humility. He becomes the Fourth Hokage and sacrifices himself before finds out who he is. Years later, Naruto finds Thor’s Hammer and picks it up after finding out he can’t become a shinobi. Watch as Asgard takes it’s new prince and trains him to become something great! (Also the first time I heard of the Evil Overlord list, it’s very amusing, even if there are two of them). 2016 update list.

Followed by Angry, Angry Wizards, a Sekirei and Harry Potter crossover. Harry tells the Wizangamont what he thinks of them and says he’ll leave right now and never come back (with a magical contract saying so). He goes to Japan and finds himself as part of the Sekirei Game. How will things go? I don’t know, it’s only five chapters long and hasn’t been updated since 2016.

The last of the reread fics is Broken Shadows, a Harry Potter and Naruto crossover. Harry takes Sirius’ place in going through veil and ends up a ghost accidently possessing Shikamaru Nara. Eventually getting free and getting a clone body, Hari becomes a shinobi. May the Shinigami have mercy on their souls! Not updated since 2013.

The first of the new fics is The Moon of the Kurta Clan, a Hunter x Hunter and Harry Potter crossover. Fem Harry leaves Privet Drive at 10 to become a Hunter to get away from her family. She possess a Nen technique (though she doesn’t know it) and a half brother who’s looking for their clan’s killers. How will she survive once she catches the attention of a clan of assassins? All of the rest of the fics I mention haven’t been updated since 2013.

The second one is Prongs, a Transforms and Harry Potter crossover (with some Stargate SG1 and Twilight elements). The Transforms parts follow the first three movies (just the main plot, things change). Stargate SG1 is the series sequel to the movie and follows a team as they explore the universe with their stargate and go against the Go’ould. Finally, Twilight is a series about an emo teenager named Bella Swan who falls in love with a sparkly vampire named Edward. (I liked it when I was younger, but not so much anymore.)

In the fic, Harry joins the Magical Royal Air Corps before fifth year to get away from the plots at Hogwarts. He doesn’t expect to become involved in alien plots (both robotic and not) and be turned into a girl temporarily and attract a vampire stalker. It’s actually on it’s next to last chapter (so the author says), but that last chapter was never posted.

Finally, the last story is called Witch Sword, a Soul Eater and Harry Potter crossover. Soul Eater is an anime about Meisters and Weapons teams who learn from Death’s academy to hunt those who have tainted souls and Witches (who are usually evil). Maka Albarn (the Meister) and Soul Eater (a scythe weapon) are a team who are trying to become a great team. However, many things stand in their way. Can they get through them?

In the fic, the Dursleys move to Death City to get away from the wizards and to train Dudley to be a Meister. When they attempt to kill fem Harry to power up Dudley, she runs away learning she’s a witch. She teams up with Angela and Mifune for witches training. Will she accept her fate as a witch or will she become a Meister anyway?

Thanks for reading and hope you have a great weekend. See everyone on Tuesday and May Your Heart Be Your Guiding Key!

The Quest continues and a Change to the Updating Schedule!

Hey everyone, I made a snap decision yesterday when I woke up and only had an hour to make a post before yesterday became today. Therefore, from now on, Tuesday will be the second posting day instead of Monday because I have an easier time staying awake on Tuesday apparently. Other than that I’ve been following my new self-imposed task to read all of sakurademonalchemist’s fics. I haven’t finished, but I did a good chuck of them, mostly the ones I’ve already read. The new chapters for the weekend are: Melody of Fire (Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues [now with The Mummy]), Relic of the Future, Tsunami, The Unseen Hunt, Black Sky (Mon, Tues), Deku: The Golden Saiyan Hero of Hope, Broken Dreams, Konsō (abandoned), A Smile on Your Face and a Song in Your Heart, Mauling Snarks, Taylor Varga (Omake) and Reading Chronicles Book 1: To the Victor, the Spoils.

The first of the one’s I reread was Flames of the Creed, which is a KHR and Assassin’s Creed crossover. Assassin’s Creed is a video game series by Ubisoft about the struggle between the Assassins and the Templars. The Assassins believe in free will, while the Templars want to control the world. They fight over artifacts from the previous species that were in control of the world, such as The Apple.

For the first few, follow Desmond Miles, a born Assassin who ran away from them. He is caught and put into an Animus to try and find where the Apple is. An Animus is a machine that allows you to live through the life of one of your ancestors (at a time), up to the point where they had their first child. You can Sync with them and learn their skills yourself. Later games go to different characters, but they all have the Animus in them.

In the fic, Tsuna is an assassin and has been trained since he was a kid. He was sealed because of Templar infiltrators and was released by Assassins he found. When Reborn comes to train him, he is surprised to find a fully trained Assassin. How will things change when they find the CEDEF is being turned over to the Templar’s side?

Second one I reread is Fullmetal Flames, a crossover between Fullmetal Alchemist and KHR. Ed and Al are reborn into Tsuna and his younger brother. They escape from being sealed and meet Fon, who helps them. They eventually get their memories back, but will everything work out and are they the only ones with memories of a past life? Warning there are Male/Male relationships and implied lemons. Don’t Like, Don’t Read!

Third is Spirit Fire, a Yu Yu Hakusho and KHR crossover. It has Yu Yu Hakusho happening in district of Namimori (where KHR takes place, mostly), that Hibari doesn’t care about. Yusuke meets fem. Tsuna and becomes her friend before the beginning of either series, causing her to be involved in the events of Yu Yu Hakusho. It never gets to the KHR actual events, but characters from it do get involved.

Following that is Thief in the Midnight World, which is a KHR and D N Angel crossover. It has Nana (Tsuna’s mom) being sisters with Daisuke’s mom. After he’s sealed, she goes to her family and they help unseal him. He grows up and get’s Dark before Daisuke and makes his own legacy with it. But why is Hibari, Dark’s Sacred Maiden? (no male/male relationships)

Then came Forgotten Famiglia, a KHR and Harry Potter crossover. Before third year, Harry goes to the goblins to find if he has any more family. Finding Daniela Vongola is his great-aunt, he contacts her and they start to talk. She takes him in after third year and takes over his guardianship. Not thinking much of Hogwarts, she sends Xansus in with him for fourth year to find out if it’s worth it.

Which is followed by Breaking the Sky, a KHR and Dragon Drive crossover. Dragon Drive is a manga turned anime about a VR game where you get your own dragon. Follow Reiji Ozora and his new dragon partner Chibi as they get started on the game. However, not everything is as it seems and why are they in a different world?

In the fic, fem Tsuna plays the game to get away from the reality where her absentee father took her mom on a yearlong cruise, leaving her on her own. She saves up enough points to get a special box that allows her to manifest her dragon Sora in the real world. However, the creator didn’t mean for non-mafia members to get that product and sends agents out to find the one with it.

Then was Equus, a KHR and Harry Potter crossover where Fem Harry runs away after fifth year and becomes a horse trainer/breeder in Italy. There she meets Dino of the Cavallone family, who eventually starts courting her. How will things work out between them and will her past come back to find her?

Harmonic Symphony is a purely KHR fic. In it, Tsuna finds a violin and fixs it up. He finds he has a talent for it and while he hides it, it leads him to new friends that find their own instruments. How will Reborn and the Vongola deal with an heir that plans to convert people to music?

The last of the previously read fics is Coping Mechanisms. It’s another purely KHR fic, but it has Tsuna crossdressing in order to help his mom. When Hibari finds out about it, he recruits him to be his fangirl repellant. Fon finds out and helps break his seal, which eventually allows Tsuna to be able to actually switch genders. How will this effect things? Warning Gender switching and implied Male/Male(or female) relationship. Don’t Like, Don’t Read.

The first of the new fics for me is Darkness and Hope. It’s a Pokémon and Bleach crossover that has Urahara sending Ichigo to the Pokémon world in order to help him get over his depression over losing his powers. Neliel also goes along and they find themselves in their ten-year old selves. Join them as they join up with Ash and start their adventures. Not Updated since 2013.

Second is Eternally Black, a Harry Potter and Naruto crossover. It has Sirius being descended from an experimental marriage between an Uchiha and a Black. Sirius unlocks the Sharingon during the war and gets it’s upgrade right before he is put in Askaban. After a few years, he escapes and takes himself and Harry to Konoha. How will the Uchiha deal with a half cousin? Same update time as above.

Next is an actually finished fic and it’s unfinished sequel, Prince of Thieves and Prince of Thieves2: Rise of the New King. Prince of Thieves is a Harry Potter and Yu-Gi-Oh! Crossover, with small The Mummy interludes. It’s sequel includes One Piece.  Young Harry is dragged to the past by Bastet, Cat Goddess and ends up Ba-Ku-Ra’s brother. After the night their village was killed they worked together to get revenge until Ba-Ku-Ra was possessed and Horus (Harry’s new name) was pulled back to his time by a meddling old wizard. How will their reincarnations deal with a figure from both their pasts? 2013 once again.

Then was Repeat, a pure Naruto fic. Fem Naruto and Itachi have been sent back multiple times by Madara (with fem Naruto not knowing Itachi was also repeating). This time, they end up being sent back to the Fourth Shinobi War and save Minato’s team. How will they deal with this unexpected change? 2013.

Finally, was Once Lost, Now Found, a Naruto and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles crossover. I talked about Tsubasa before, but it has a different Sakura and Syaoran than the ones in Cardcaptor Sakura traveling worlds to find her memories (in the shape of feathers) along with Fai D. Flowright, Kurogane and Mokona. CLAMP (the writers) use a lot of different versions of their previous stories characters in the series and it’s companion xxxHolic.

Spoilers Start!

In the fic, Fai’s (who’s real name is Yue) twin brother Fai sacrifices himself to save Yue (this happens in the actually story too). Fai stays around a while, but is eventually reborn into Naruto’s body. He makes a deal with the Kyuubi to help get him and his siblings to the Time-Space Witch to make a deal to free them. Fai lets Naruto’s personality to come about without him and they don’t meet until Naruto learns Kage Bunshin. How will this effect things? 2013.

Spoilers End!

That’s all I’ll talk about for today and sorry for ‘being late.’ See everyone one on Friday and May Your Heart Be Your Guiding Key!


I Have a New Quest, Though It’s More of a, Let’s Get It Over With, Than a Real Want

Evening everyone! There’re many things that came up this week, so lets get into them. First off, sooner or later (sooner or so is said) there’s going to be free DLC(s) for KHIII that will have the critical mode. It will also have some more minor story information, such as how Xion ended up where she did during the final battle. There will also apparently be a larger paid DLC coming (supposedly) by the end of the year. I’ve also heard that there will be at least one more game between III and IV. For those of you who want more Kingdom Hearts information sooner, Kingdom Hearts Union x (the phone game) is apparently going to be going to a new world and more new information.

There was also new information on the upcoming Pokémon games! They’re called Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield and are coming out ‘Late 2019.’ Based on past experience, it’ll be the Friday before Thanksgiving. They showed a bit of the game, but they also showed the new starters. … To be honest, I’m not that thrilled with the look of the new starters. I think they’re too close in looks to some of the previous Pokémon. The game looks good otherwise and it seems to have the previous random wild Pokémon engine instead of being able to see them walking free. Have to wait and see if it’s any good.

Moving on to what I’ve read this week, the answer is more than I plan to talk about today (I think). I reread more of Mauling Snarks and Here in My Arms. The new chapters this week were: Breaking the Gilded Cage (Tues & Thurs), Angels and Demons, Another Way (Tues, Thurs), Service with a Smile, Souls of the Heart (Tues, Thurs), [Harry Potter, Lone Traveler, God and Wizard], Swordsaint, Heroes Assemble!, Dodging Prison and Stealing Witches – Revenge is Best Served Cold, Taylor Varga (Omake) and Mauling Snarks.

I have to say this now just in case someone is annoyed by it, I’m gonna focus on reading all of sakurademonalchemist’s stories, to finally get them over with. I’m on page 8 of 13 and am working backwards. If I haven’t mentioned one from earlier pages (that aren’t compilations of one-shots), it’s because I read it before I started the blog and haven’t reread it yet. However, this includes rereading those so I can talk about them on the blog. There are also some I need some prerequisites for (like, you know, reading/watching the original work) that I’ll get to later. So be prepared for the next few posts to be filled with their work.

Getting on with that, the first one is A Second Chance, which is a Harry Potter and Rosario + Vampire crossover. The summer before third year, Harry sends an application to Youkai Academy after to talking to a goblin. He gets his acceptance before fifth year and decides to go there instead of Hogwarts. There he meets Tsukine and gets involved in the start of Rosario + Vampire. How will that story go with him being included? I doubt we’ll know because there are only three chapters and it hasn’t been updated since 2013.

Next is actually a new fic from them (again). It’s called Melody of Fire and is a Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them crossover. … Yeah, so a few Harry ends up in the past and turns into her dragon form. Newt finds her (sometime before he finds the Thunderbird) and she decides to go along with him. It already has five chapters, so maybe this one will be finished (I wish).

Third is a two-chapter story (not finished and also in 2013) I reread called Lunar Keyblade Master. It’s a crossover between My Little Pony, Kingdom Hearts and Rise of the Guardians. Luna and Nightmare Moon find Heartless on the moon and get their own keyblades. They go to other dimensions to fight the Darkness until they are freed from the moon. In reality, they only go to the Rise of the Guardians dimension before the fic ends currently.

Fourth is The Dragon’s Jewel, which is a Yu Yu Hakusho and Harry Potter crossover. It has Harry finding a wishing jewel before the First Task of the Triwizard Tournament. He uses it unconsciously and eventually it turns him into a dragon himself. Finding out some truths, he flees to Japan and eventually meets the Yu Yu Hakusho crew. Warning, there are some genderbending and male/male relationships in this. Don’t like, Don’t read. Also hasn’t been updated since 2013.

Then was Second Chance, a One Piece and Naruto crossover. It has Ace being reincarnated as Itachi. He refuses to use his bloodline, but has unprecedented control of fire jutsu. He leads a much different life and handles things differently. I has five chapter and also hasn’t been updated since 2013.

Following that was Shark in the Leaf, a Harry Potter and Naruto crossover. Harry is transported to the Elemental Nations as a child and the Sanbi seals himself inside him to hide from the shinobi. A Kiri trained Harry learns he has a bloodline and escapes to Konoha before he is found out. Watch as a Kiri Harry influenced Naruto becomes a shinobi. It has twelve chapters, again 2013 and actually gets to Hogwarts before it stops.

Rose Princess is next. It says it’s a triple crossover, but in the three chapters it only covers Harry Potter and Fate/Stay Night. Instead of going to save Sirius at the end of fifth year, fem Harry runs to Japan. She learns she’s the ‘Rose Princess’ and can recruit Heroic Spirits as her Knights. 2013 once again.

After that is Toshiro Potter, which is a five-chapter Harry Potter and Bleach crossover. A young Harry dies and becomes Toshiro Hitsugaya. After becoming a Captain, he and some others (including his dad) are sent to deal with Voldie by pretending to be eleven and entering Hogwarts. Dumbles thinks ‘young’ James is Harry and thus continues his plans. How will they end up with a jaded Toshiro? Also 2013.

Then came Sailor Naru, a Sailor Moon and Naruto crossover. In it, fem Naruto is Sailor Moon and meets Luna before she graduates. Now she has to find the Sailor Scouts and get through life as a ninja. The Negaverse doesn’t have a part of the current six chapters, but it was implied that they would be coming soon. Also no Tuxedo Mask so far, and another 2013.

Continuing after that was Changed Fate. It’s a Naruto story where he learns that Jiraiya’s biggest regret was not killing Orochimaru when he turned traitor. He makes a different choice at the Valley of the End to make sure he doesn’t have that regret. At the end of the four chapters, he is still travelling making friends around the Elemental Countries. 2013, enough said.

A Yu Yu Hakusho and Bleach crossover, Sword and Demon, is next. It has Ichigo going to Yusuke’s school instead of staying in Karakura because they think he’s a delinquent. He befriends Yusuke and helps him out when he becomes a ghost. How will both their stories change? Quite a bit even in four chapters, also a 2013.

Finally, I reread Hexe Dragon. It’s a Harry Potter and KHR crossover where Fem Harry sneaks into the Varia in order to have a place to belong. When she is found out, after a while, she helps reveal something and is allowed to stay. Xansus even takes an interest in her. It’s a good story and only hasn’t been updated since 2017, so it may, and again I say may, be eventually updated.

That’s it (I actually got through everything, I’m impressed) for the week. I’ll see everyone on Monday and May Your Heart Be Your Guiding Key!