The Second Post

Hello again! Thanks to everyone who has already liked, followed or posted, your response is appreciated.  Shout out to Yomu for being the first to comment!  To finish up a story I didn’t realize I hadn’t last time, after finding the “Cardcapter Sakura” manga I read the whole “Master of the Clow” series and didn’t realize that it was a sequel series to the original “Cardcaptor Sakura” series until afterwards.  I can now look back on that and laugh.  By the way, that series is by a group of authors called CLAMP.  They’ve written many great series like Tsubasa RESERVior CHRoNiCLE, xxxHolic and Chobits to name a few.  They also have another “Cardcaptor Sakura” series called “Clear Cards” which has an anime too.  I can go into those series later.

In the time since I wrote my first post I read a few more chapters on Black Sky and am now at chapter 234.  But I have read more than that though.  I follow a great many stories on, Archive of Our Own (AO3), etc.  Sadly many I am following are no longer posting or abandoned.  However, one I am following who has just not been able to get the time to write has finally posted a chapter!  The series is called ‘Taylor Varga’ and is a crossover between an online serial “Worm” and an short really old anime very few know called “Luna Varga.”

Worm is not a happy story, let me put it that way.  When the main characters’ backstory includes getting locked in a school locker, that was full of fermenting female products left to rot over a winter break, for several hours and the school basically ignoring it (for a reason unknown to the character), yeah not a happy story.  Worm involves the dark side of superpowers and how badass the power to control bugs really is, which the main character Taylor gets for being locked in the locker.  I’ve probably only read the very first section of it, but I know a lot about it just from reading the fanfiction about it and looking up relevant information when I needed it.  I enjoy reading the fanfictions because while they don’t (often) ignore the issues in the story, they do a better job in my opinion of solving them.

I still actually have not looked up Luna Varga to watch, I really should sometime, but the basics as I know it are that a princess merges with a lizard like demon to protect her  people against another of his kind.  ‘Taylor Varga’ has a power giving Taylor the Varga demon instead of her getting the bug control power in the locker.  Chaos then ensues, humorous chaos and much confusion.  I was directed to this fanfiction by another author, but spent days reading it a having a good laugh, including the omakes (side stories that don’t actually happen in the story or at a future time for those who don’t know) which have Harry Potter and Marvel miniseries.  The story is on it’s 25th tab on the Sufficient Velocity (SV) reader mode (which only has the main story not the omakes or the comments).  The author mp3.1415player has cross-posted it on and AO3, but mostly focuses on SV so the other’s aren’t caught up.  The link to the start of it is –

I also read some new chapters from other stories.  Two were from the author sakurademonalchemist on and are the latest in a long line of stories the author has started, posted some chapters on, then started a new story.  They’ll occasionally post a new chapter to an old story, but not often.  sakurademonalchemist if you ever read this, I’m sorry, but it’s true.  I still enjoy your stories, but I wish you would finish them.  Having said that, they do finish some stories.  One such is Memories of Nobody, a great Harry Potter and Kingdom Hearts crossover that involves Xion, one of the saddest characters in the Kingdom Hearts series, taking Harry’s place after he is killed to save him and his parent’s hearts after her story ends in Kingdom Hearts.  The link is here –  And the link to sakurademonalchemist’s page is –

I’m gonna talk a little about Kingdom Hearts since it’s been mentioned.  I’ve played Kingdom Hearts since I was in middle school and next to Pokemon it is my favorite game series.  I am ecstatic that Kingdom Hearts III is finally coming out early next year and sad that they moved it from this year.  I don’t have much time to replay the series, but I’ve been watching a youtuber called SkywardWing play through ‘the games’ (insert Phil from Hercules voice here).  He’s a laugh and is one of the first people to play part of Kingdom Hearts III.  If you want to watch his videos, here is a link to his Youtube channel –

Well, the end of the day approaches and I want to read a few more chapters of Black Sky and finish the daily missions on the mobile game – Kingdom Hearts Union x.  Good night and talk to y’all tomorrow!

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