The Second Day

Hello everyone. You’ll be exited to know that I finished Black Sky and am going to move onto a new story!  I’ve decided to reread a fanfiction that I haven’t been keeping up with recently called ‘Ashes of the Past’.  It’s a time travel Pokemon fanfiction by Saphroneth.  It’s another longer fanfiction that with the newest chapter today has 279 chapters.  The premise is that the main bad guys from Diamond and Pearl [DP] (Team Galactic not Team Rocket because while the main trio was somewhat competent in Black & White or Best Wishes [BW], they’re basically a joke) fulfills their goal at the end of BW while Ash isn’t around and destroys the universe.  Ash is chosen (as usual) to go back with his memories and stop their plans by Arceus (the Pokemon God that was not ‘Lord Helix’).  He gets a crash course in aura (which was basically ignored after being introduced) and goes back to start of his journey.  Luckily, aura allows him to remind his friends and Pokemon of their memories up to the end of BW (and allows him to understand Pokemon).  It’s very silly and has only really gotten serious in the latest chapters now that it has gotten to the DP storyline.  The link to it is –

Before I talk about the rest of what I did today, I wanted to have a rant.  Now I like Katekyoshi Hitman Reborn (KHR), but there are so many things wrong with the way the main character is brought up and treated that I was reminded of in Black Sky.  Before people start going on about how it’s only a story, let me say this – kids read or watch these stories and are affected by how characters (especially the main one) act and are treated.

Tsunayoshi or Tsuna is the main character of KHR.  When he activates his inherited ability at the age of five, his father convinces his boss (a mafia boss) to seal it because he doesn’t want his kid in the mafia (because the ability is only used by mafia).  This is great because what father wants his kid in the mafia, never mind that said father is in the mafia himself, is never home, and tells his wife and kid that he’s off being ‘a star’.  What a great example of a father, not!

Putting that aside, sealing what is considered his Will either made him clumsy and unable to concentrate or he had a disability and no one ever did anything about it.  This leads to him being bullied by students and teachers and given the nickname “No-Good Tsuna.”  What does his mother, the only parent he really knows, say to this?  “What did I do to have such a no-good son.” Wow mom, what a job of parenting you’re doing.  Then the other main character shows up, Reborn.

Reborn was sent to teach Tsuna how to become the next boss of an Italian mafia because the mafia boss that sealed him (which Tsuna didn’t know about and which isn’t even released until later in the series) three son’s have all gotten killed and he’s the only Heir left.  This is ignoring that he’s a Japanese civilian who is thirteen years old that has been bullied and ignored by his father and looked down upon by his mother.  Also, who would want to be the Heir of a mafia family that can’t even keep it’s own Heirs safe?

Now, knowing all this does Reborn (who looks like a baby and claims to be the “Greatest Hitman”) help him work through his problems?  Yes, by shooting him with bullets that will kill him if he doesn’t have a regret in order to activate his ability through the seal, kicking and pushing him around, and ignoring the fact that Tsuna doesn’t want to be a mafia boss in the first place.  Wow, what a great mafia boss he’ll be, being used to getting pushed around by someone else to get what they want and possibly hating the mafia because they ruined his life.  I know I’d love for him to be the boss of the mafia I’m in! … (That was sarcasm, if you couldn’t tell).

Okay rant over, don’t get me started on Albus Dumbledore though.  Moving on, over the past few days I have been working on finally getting the Ghost Pokemon medal on Pokemon Go (PoGo).  There is a nest of Duskull nearby and today I finally got the medal!  For those who don’t know, that means I’ve caught or hatched 200 ghost type pokemon on PoGo.  The was the second to last pokemon type medal I’m missing.  The last one is the dragon type medal and I’m only missing 19 dragon types until I get it.

I started PoGo on the first day it came out and am only missing the regionals not in the US except Farfetch’d.  I’m not a shiny hunter, but I do have some.  I haven’t got Regirock, but since it only came out yesterday and I haven’t raided in the last few days.  It’s fine, it’ll be around of another month anyway.  My friend code is 1255 5332 9245, if you play PoGo.  I’ll do my best to sent gifts, but don’t get enough most days to send to everyone I’m already friends with.  However, I’ll do my best to raise our friendship if you do friend me.  I’m looking forward to it!

Like yesterday, I read some new chapters of stories I’m following.  The one I’m going to talk about is called ‘Mauling Snarks’ by CmptrWz.  It’s another Worm story like Taylor Varga, but isn’t a crossover.  In Mauling Snarks, one of the main bad guy groups is not really one, but pretends to be because their members have powers that lean towards destruction and are sent against those the good guys can’t go after for one reason or another.  The leader of this group is the uncle of Taylor (only in this fiction) and visits when she is stuck in the locker.  His power affects hers (because family have similar powers) and she gets a different one than the original story.  Like Taylor Varga, chaos and amusement abound.  It even has a crossover omake with Taylor Varga and the original storyline!  The link to it is –

The last thing I’m going to mention is that I’m also going to start working through a collection of stories by H.P. Lovecraft because several things from them are mentioned in Taylor Varga and even though he’s a horror writer, I’m curious.  By the way, I plan to post at least once a day, just to let people know.  See you tomorrow!

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