Third Day

Hello, guys and gals!  Didn’t read much today because I had some other things to do today.  However, I did read 23 chapters of Ashes of the Past, the fanfiction I mentioned yesterday.  By the 24th chapter Ash already has the 8 badges for the Kanto region (Red, Blue & Yellow games) and should get to the first movie soon (the author includes the movies in the story).

Yesterday I also read a Harry Potter one shot fanfiction (with only one chapter).  It was called ‘In the Heat of the Night’ by Brennus, who is a writer of slightly darker Harry/Ginny stories.  This one is about Ginny having to pay the consequences for her parents breaking the law on Dumbledore’s orders in a different storyline.  It has a happy ending, in a way, but not for everyone.  He has several other Harry Potter stories (all Harry/Ginny), a RWBY two part series and a Darker than BLACK fic.  The link to his page is –

For those who don’t know, RWBY is an online animated show by Rooster Teeth.  It follows Team RWBY, a group of four girls named Ruby, Weiss, Blake & Yang, and their friends through school training to hunt beasts called Grim.  The characters are based off of fairy tale characters: Ruby (Red Riding Hood), Weiss (Snow White), Blake (Beauty & and the Beast) & Yang (Rapunzel or Goldie Locks).  However, they are badass!  I mean, Ruby has a huge scythe that can turn into a gun!  It’s definitely worth watching.  Here is a link to the first episode –  Watching the four trailers for it is also worth it, one of each of the main leads.  Here is the link to the first trailer –  Rooster Teeth has quite a few other shows that are really good, like Red vs Blue, so take a look at them too.  I can talk about Darker than BLACK and Red vs Blue on a later post.

The last thing I’ll mention is that for those who like anime theme songs and would like to hear an English Version of some of your favorite ones old and new, a YouTuber with the channel name of LeeandLie does that.  She has english versions of the Japanese Digimon theme, Full Metal Alchemist themes (original and Brotherhood), and many more.  Here is a link to her YouTube channel –  You can also buy albums by her on iTunes under the name Amalee.  Check her out if you’re interested.

Wow, I think this is my shortest post yet.  See everyone tomorrow!

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