Fourth Day

Hello, everyone! As has been established by the last few titles, I am not a great namer.  I’ll try to have better titles, but I feel for the first week I’m going to follow this trend.  It just wouldn’t feel right.  Or you know it just might be my having watched Skyward Wing playing Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days recently and the summer quest in Kingdom Hearts Union x also saying what day you’re playing in, who knows?

Anywho, I jumped around a lot today in what I read.  I did read a few chapters of Ashes of the Past and got up to start of chapter 33, when Ash gets a rematch against Richie in the Indigo League (not that Richie knows it’s a rematch, but whatever).  I interrupted that with rereading a Worm fanfic called ‘I, Panacea’ by ack1308 on  I think he has a different user name on AO3, but I don’t remember what it is at this moment.  I just checked to make sure, but all of his fics include the Worm story and he is one of my favorite Worm fic writers.  This one is a sequel to a physical self-insert story called ‘Security’ and has the author’s character from that story mentally inserted into a Worm character’s head alongside her, namely Panacea.  She is one of the main characters that is in bad situation that gets worse and eventually breaks her.  Some people love her, some people hate her, but she is a popular character to get help in fanfics.  Definitely recommend these two fics (though I, Panacea is not finished), their ‘sequel’ ‘I, Scion’ (which is a 3 chapter silly fic) and all of his fics.

Next, reread a few chapters from the fic ‘From Fake Dreams’ by Third Fang including the latest chapter.  From Fake Dream is set in the Fate/Stay Night storyline of the TYPE-MOON universe.  Fate/Stay Night is a Japanese visual novel/Eroge (which means it might include sex and sexual themes) that has anime adaptations of it.

I’m going to pause here.  Just to be clear, in this blog I am not going to talk about porn or sex.  I am however going to be talking about stories that have that in them. So that anyone who is underage or doesn’t want read about such things is happy, I will post R rated content, before and after the topic, like this.

R rated content

Anyway, while there are sex and sexual themes in the visual novel, it’s not a main staple in either it or From Fake Dreams.

R rated content

Fate/Stay Night has three main storylines you can follow to get one of three girls: Fate, Unlimited Blade Works and Heaven’s Feel.  There are variations of these storylines, but they don’t really matter to this discussion.  I mention this because in From Fake Dreams, long before the main story, the father of the main character (Shiro Emiya) Kiritsugu Emiya has dreams of those storylines and the storyline one of the main characters Archer.  Based on this information (which he does verify as much as he can), he sets things up so that his son can survive and defeat all the world-ending threats (and fulfill some personal wishes too).  Things don’t exactly work out like Kiritsugu hopes, but when does it ever.  Still a great story that has 52 great chapters with more incoming.  He also has several other great stories that I will talk about later (including one tomorrow because there’s already going to be a lot on here for today).

Moving on finally to something other than fanfiction and anime, I watched the movie Alpha in theaters today.  I really liked it, but those who don’t like subtitles shouldn’t see it because all dialogue in the movie is subtitles.  I don’t actually know the name of the language they were using, but it’s set 20,000 years ago so who knows.  Well, I could (and probably will) look up the language.  See I even did it in the middle of that sentence (it’s fictional).  Moving on, I thought it was a great movie with stunning visuals and sounds that really capture the wilderness of long ago.  For those who don’t know about the movie, it’s about a the chief’s son trying to get home after an accident and befriending a wolf along the way.  Thus the wolf/dog became man’s best friend.  The film does a good job of showing the story rather than speaking it.  I would definitely recommend it.

Well, that’s all for today, look forward to seeing y’all tomorrow (as it were).  Have a good night!

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