It’s a Black Sky Week!

Hello everyone! Another week gone and this time I did work a half day today. Nothing big this week, but I do now have 2 shiny Meltans! Thanks for all the likes I got for my last post!!  I also ordered some new shirts from TeePublic, a indie-artist product website.  There was a Valentine’s Day (Happy Valentine’s Day, by the way.  Or rather Single’s Awareness Day for me) sale and I got three KH shirts.  One with my new endig phrase (May Your Heart …), one with Kairi’s letter to Sora from KHII (“Thinking of You, Wherever You Are …) and one with the poem that was at the beginning of most KHIII trailers (“If You Can Imagine a World …”).  I didn’t read anything I’ve previously mentioned, so let’s go straight into the new chapters for this week (I’ve decided to include links to the first chapter for the updated stories as well): Black Sky (4 overall, 1 a day), Reading Jaune Ryu-long: Dragon contractor, Knight of Betrayal and Taiga Cub (Tues & Fri), Marvel’s Maelstrom, Service with a Smile, Uzumaki Naruko: To the Victor, the Spoils V2, Breaking the Gilded Cage, Angels and Demons, Hive Daughter, Taylor Varga (an Interlude), Heroes Assemble!, Restart and Mauling Snarks.

The first fanfiction I read this week is called Harry Potter and the Visored by Lupin Dark.  It’s a Harry Potter and Bleach crossover that has Harry being abandoned by the Dursley’s at a young age in Japan where the Visored’s find him.  They deal with his scar by making him a Visored himself and when he goes to Hogwarts things definitely do not go Dumbles way.  Watch as Bleach affects the Harry Potter world (and eventually the opposite will happen, when the events of Bleach happen).

Next are two stories by TheBeardedOne that I’ve read before.  The first one is called The Last Mage of Krypton and is a Harry Potter and Superman crossover.  It has Harry being stillborn, but the Potters’ finding Kal-El and blood-adopting him (Lily was obliviated and doesn’t remember him not being her blood son).  This fic covers his first year at Hogwarts.  Watch as a Kryptonian Harry goes to Hogwarts while learning of his heritage!

The second one is it’s sequel, Rising from the Shadows.  It covers the second year and man are things changed.  Just because it happened in a certain year in the original books, don’t expect it to be the same in this series.  I recommend them and can’t wait to catch up to where the overall story is now because I haven’t read much of the fourth fic in the series.

Following that we’re back again with sakurademonalchemist (I’ve just linked to my own page on here because it’s easier).   The first of their stories I read this week was, Natalie Winchester, was a crossover between Naruto and Supernatural.  It had a fem. Naruto being transported to the Winchester’s house soon after the Kyuubi’s sealing and a few weeks before the fire.  She eventually leaves cause of her father soon after Sam and the brother’s find her again dating Loki.  How will this turn out? (we may never know cause this is from 2014 and hasn’t been updated since).

The second one was Adrian Romanov, a Harry Potter, Avengers and MCU crossover.  It has Harry being an experiment that Loki was doing which was banned by Odin.  Loki doesn’t like that Harry would end up with the Dursleys and gets in in his head that Black Widow taking in the kid would be better.  An assassin-raised Harry is set upon the world, my God have mercy on their souls. (Another 2014 one)

Third is Ether Net, a crossover between Harry Potter and Megaman NT Warrior.  It has Harry, or rather Ether Net Hikari, become the (adopted) brother of Lan Hikari.  Since he has been around science all his life and found ways to integrate magic and science, when he goes to Hogwarts he wants to make everything better.  Albus really doesn’t want that, but can he stop an Hikari on a mission? (2014 again)

The last one is one I’m still rereading (the others were new) is called Hawk-Eyed Charlie.  It’s a purely Harry Potter story (with manga and anime mentioned) where Harry’s paternal grandfather, Charles, lost him memory of most things in an accident and is presumed dead.  Having lived his life as an officer in the Queen’s military, when he retired he ended up on Privet Drive.  When he sees Harry being left on the Dursley’s doorstep he takes him in himself, not knowing he is his grandson.  A military raised Harry goes to Hogwarts and shakes things up!

Finally, there was also an update for a story I haven’t mention yet (also it’s ending with a possible sequel, eventually) called Souls of the Heart by Riku Kingdom Hearts.  It’s a Kingdom Hearts story where Ventus (who is in Sora’s heart in canon) and Vanitas (who is not in Sora’s heart in canon) end up in Sora’s Heart.  However, instead of being dormant, they talk to him and try and help him (Vanitas reluctantly).  They also remember very little about themselves.  Watch as Sora deals with hearing voices in his head as a young kid and people thinking he’s crazy.

That’s it for this week my friends.  Remember that you can get shiny Meltans from your mystery boxes in PoGo and that there is a Community Day tomorrow with Swinub.  You will also be able to get 5 Sinnoh Stones from battling the leaders and 5 from battling friends.  Hope you get everything you need.  Have a fantastic weekend.  May Your Heart be Your Guiding Key!

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