The Quest continues and a Change to the Updating Schedule!

Hey everyone, I made a snap decision yesterday when I woke up and only had an hour to make a post before yesterday became today. Therefore, from now on, Tuesday will be the second posting day instead of Monday because I have an easier time staying awake on Tuesday apparently. Other than that I’ve been following my new self-imposed task to read all of sakurademonalchemist’s fics. I haven’t finished, but I did a good chuck of them, mostly the ones I’ve already read. The new chapters for the weekend are: Melody of Fire (Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues [now with The Mummy]), Relic of the Future, Tsunami, The Unseen Hunt, Black Sky (Mon, Tues), Deku: The Golden Saiyan Hero of Hope, Broken Dreams, Konsō (abandoned), A Smile on Your Face and a Song in Your Heart, Mauling Snarks, Taylor Varga (Omake) and Reading Chronicles Book 1: To the Victor, the Spoils.

The first of the one’s I reread was Flames of the Creed, which is a KHR and Assassin’s Creed crossover. Assassin’s Creed is a video game series by Ubisoft about the struggle between the Assassins and the Templars. The Assassins believe in free will, while the Templars want to control the world. They fight over artifacts from the previous species that were in control of the world, such as The Apple.

For the first few, follow Desmond Miles, a born Assassin who ran away from them. He is caught and put into an Animus to try and find where the Apple is. An Animus is a machine that allows you to live through the life of one of your ancestors (at a time), up to the point where they had their first child. You can Sync with them and learn their skills yourself. Later games go to different characters, but they all have the Animus in them.

In the fic, Tsuna is an assassin and has been trained since he was a kid. He was sealed because of Templar infiltrators and was released by Assassins he found. When Reborn comes to train him, he is surprised to find a fully trained Assassin. How will things change when they find the CEDEF is being turned over to the Templar’s side?

Second one I reread is Fullmetal Flames, a crossover between Fullmetal Alchemist and KHR. Ed and Al are reborn into Tsuna and his younger brother. They escape from being sealed and meet Fon, who helps them. They eventually get their memories back, but will everything work out and are they the only ones with memories of a past life? Warning there are Male/Male relationships and implied lemons. Don’t Like, Don’t Read!

Third is Spirit Fire, a Yu Yu Hakusho and KHR crossover. It has Yu Yu Hakusho happening in district of Namimori (where KHR takes place, mostly), that Hibari doesn’t care about. Yusuke meets fem. Tsuna and becomes her friend before the beginning of either series, causing her to be involved in the events of Yu Yu Hakusho. It never gets to the KHR actual events, but characters from it do get involved.

Following that is Thief in the Midnight World, which is a KHR and D N Angel crossover. It has Nana (Tsuna’s mom) being sisters with Daisuke’s mom. After he’s sealed, she goes to her family and they help unseal him. He grows up and get’s Dark before Daisuke and makes his own legacy with it. But why is Hibari, Dark’s Sacred Maiden? (no male/male relationships)

Then came Forgotten Famiglia, a KHR and Harry Potter crossover. Before third year, Harry goes to the goblins to find if he has any more family. Finding Daniela Vongola is his great-aunt, he contacts her and they start to talk. She takes him in after third year and takes over his guardianship. Not thinking much of Hogwarts, she sends Xansus in with him for fourth year to find out if it’s worth it.

Which is followed by Breaking the Sky, a KHR and Dragon Drive crossover. Dragon Drive is a manga turned anime about a VR game where you get your own dragon. Follow Reiji Ozora and his new dragon partner Chibi as they get started on the game. However, not everything is as it seems and why are they in a different world?

In the fic, fem Tsuna plays the game to get away from the reality where her absentee father took her mom on a yearlong cruise, leaving her on her own. She saves up enough points to get a special box that allows her to manifest her dragon Sora in the real world. However, the creator didn’t mean for non-mafia members to get that product and sends agents out to find the one with it.

Then was Equus, a KHR and Harry Potter crossover where Fem Harry runs away after fifth year and becomes a horse trainer/breeder in Italy. There she meets Dino of the Cavallone family, who eventually starts courting her. How will things work out between them and will her past come back to find her?

Harmonic Symphony is a purely KHR fic. In it, Tsuna finds a violin and fixs it up. He finds he has a talent for it and while he hides it, it leads him to new friends that find their own instruments. How will Reborn and the Vongola deal with an heir that plans to convert people to music?

The last of the previously read fics is Coping Mechanisms. It’s another purely KHR fic, but it has Tsuna crossdressing in order to help his mom. When Hibari finds out about it, he recruits him to be his fangirl repellant. Fon finds out and helps break his seal, which eventually allows Tsuna to be able to actually switch genders. How will this effect things? Warning Gender switching and implied Male/Male(or female) relationship. Don’t Like, Don’t Read.

The first of the new fics for me is Darkness and Hope. It’s a Pokémon and Bleach crossover that has Urahara sending Ichigo to the Pokémon world in order to help him get over his depression over losing his powers. Neliel also goes along and they find themselves in their ten-year old selves. Join them as they join up with Ash and start their adventures. Not Updated since 2013.

Second is Eternally Black, a Harry Potter and Naruto crossover. It has Sirius being descended from an experimental marriage between an Uchiha and a Black. Sirius unlocks the Sharingon during the war and gets it’s upgrade right before he is put in Askaban. After a few years, he escapes and takes himself and Harry to Konoha. How will the Uchiha deal with a half cousin? Same update time as above.

Next is an actually finished fic and it’s unfinished sequel, Prince of Thieves and Prince of Thieves2: Rise of the New King. Prince of Thieves is a Harry Potter and Yu-Gi-Oh! Crossover, with small The Mummy interludes. It’s sequel includes One Piece.  Young Harry is dragged to the past by Bastet, Cat Goddess and ends up Ba-Ku-Ra’s brother. After the night their village was killed they worked together to get revenge until Ba-Ku-Ra was possessed and Horus (Harry’s new name) was pulled back to his time by a meddling old wizard. How will their reincarnations deal with a figure from both their pasts? 2013 once again.

Then was Repeat, a pure Naruto fic. Fem Naruto and Itachi have been sent back multiple times by Madara (with fem Naruto not knowing Itachi was also repeating). This time, they end up being sent back to the Fourth Shinobi War and save Minato’s team. How will they deal with this unexpected change? 2013.

Finally, was Once Lost, Now Found, a Naruto and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles crossover. I talked about Tsubasa before, but it has a different Sakura and Syaoran than the ones in Cardcaptor Sakura traveling worlds to find her memories (in the shape of feathers) along with Fai D. Flowright, Kurogane and Mokona. CLAMP (the writers) use a lot of different versions of their previous stories characters in the series and it’s companion xxxHolic.

Spoilers Start!

In the fic, Fai’s (who’s real name is Yue) twin brother Fai sacrifices himself to save Yue (this happens in the actually story too). Fai stays around a while, but is eventually reborn into Naruto’s body. He makes a deal with the Kyuubi to help get him and his siblings to the Time-Space Witch to make a deal to free them. Fai lets Naruto’s personality to come about without him and they don’t meet until Naruto learns Kage Bunshin. How will this effect things? 2013.

Spoilers End!

That’s all I’ll talk about for today and sorry for ‘being late.’ See everyone one on Friday and May Your Heart Be Your Guiding Key!


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