The Continuing Quest and some PoGo

Hello everyone! I don’t have that much to post today as I changed the new posting schedule to Tuesday and Friday, but there are a few stories. First off, I started rereading (from where I left off) Honestly Harry – Year of the Rock to finish it and move on to the next one. The new chapters this week are: Black Sky (Wed, Thurs, Fri), [Kaien’s Fate, Aizen’s Experiment, and Ichigo’s Sister], Heroes Assemble!, Breaking the Guilded Cage, Ashes of the Past, Seerking’s Asylum, and Mauling Snarks. I got the news EX Raid Pokémon – Deoxys (Attack Form) on PoGo and now have all of the Gen 1 and 2 Pokémon with the recent release of Smeargle. I’m only missing 4 of the Gen 3 that are out, but those are all regional Pokémon I can’t get easily. There are two others (Kecleon and Jirachi), but they haven’t been released yet.

Moving on the the sakurademonalchemist fics (yep, still be a few weeks), first off of the ones I’m rereading is Hunter x of x Flames. It’s a KHR and Hunter x Hunter fic. Hunter x Hunter is a manga turned anime about Gon Freecss who leaves his home island to find his missing father by following him into becoming a Hunter. Hunters track down treasures, rare beasts, other humans and many more things. Follow Gon and his new friends as they try to achieve their ambitions. The manga is still going from what I remember, just not very fast.

In the fic, young Tsuna is captured by the same people who got Mokuro and helps them escape. When the Vongola try to take him back, he decides to become a Hunter to stop the Mafia from interfering with his life. This doesn’t work out so well, but he still gains some good friends. Not updated since 2017.

Second is Blades of an Unlimited Sky, a Fate/Stay Night and KHR crossover. Tsuna (or rather Shiro) is kidnapped and ends up in the Fuyuki Fire. Iemitsu Sawada finds him after his adopted father dies and forces him back to his old life (that he doesn’t remember). Watch as Shiro deals with Reborn and stumps him at every turn! Same update year as above.

Then there’s A Very Goodwitch, a RWBY and Harry Potter crossover. A three-year-old fem Harry is found by Glinda Goodwitch as she heads to an interview at Beacon. She adopts her and fem Harry is raised at Beacon. She learns many things and befriends many people that help her as she eventually comes to Beacon herself. 2017 again.

After that was Mirrored Lives, a Ranma ½ and Fate/Stay Night crossover. A deaged and curse form locked Ranma ends up in Fuyuki for the fire and loses her memories. Kiritsugu adopts her and Shiro, leading to many interesting situations. She eventually learns of who she once was, but doesn’t care about it. Watch as her interesting luck changes things for everyone! Updated early 2017.

Then was Storm of the Gods, a Naruto and Thor crossover. Years before the events of Thor, said Asgardian is punished by being sent to live out life as a mortal until he learns humility. He becomes the Fourth Hokage and sacrifices himself before finds out who he is. Years later, Naruto finds Thor’s Hammer and picks it up after finding out he can’t become a shinobi. Watch as Asgard takes it’s new prince and trains him to become something great! (Also the first time I heard of the Evil Overlord list, it’s very amusing, even if there are two of them). 2016 update list.

Followed by Angry, Angry Wizards, a Sekirei and Harry Potter crossover. Harry tells the Wizangamont what he thinks of them and says he’ll leave right now and never come back (with a magical contract saying so). He goes to Japan and finds himself as part of the Sekirei Game. How will things go? I don’t know, it’s only five chapters long and hasn’t been updated since 2016.

The last of the reread fics is Broken Shadows, a Harry Potter and Naruto crossover. Harry takes Sirius’ place in going through veil and ends up a ghost accidently possessing Shikamaru Nara. Eventually getting free and getting a clone body, Hari becomes a shinobi. May the Shinigami have mercy on their souls! Not updated since 2013.

The first of the new fics is The Moon of the Kurta Clan, a Hunter x Hunter and Harry Potter crossover. Fem Harry leaves Privet Drive at 10 to become a Hunter to get away from her family. She possess a Nen technique (though she doesn’t know it) and a half brother who’s looking for their clan’s killers. How will she survive once she catches the attention of a clan of assassins? All of the rest of the fics I mention haven’t been updated since 2013.

The second one is Prongs, a Transforms and Harry Potter crossover (with some Stargate SG1 and Twilight elements). The Transforms parts follow the first three movies (just the main plot, things change). Stargate SG1 is the series sequel to the movie and follows a team as they explore the universe with their stargate and go against the Go’ould. Finally, Twilight is a series about an emo teenager named Bella Swan who falls in love with a sparkly vampire named Edward. (I liked it when I was younger, but not so much anymore.)

In the fic, Harry joins the Magical Royal Air Corps before fifth year to get away from the plots at Hogwarts. He doesn’t expect to become involved in alien plots (both robotic and not) and be turned into a girl temporarily and attract a vampire stalker. It’s actually on it’s next to last chapter (so the author says), but that last chapter was never posted.

Finally, the last story is called Witch Sword, a Soul Eater and Harry Potter crossover. Soul Eater is an anime about Meisters and Weapons teams who learn from Death’s academy to hunt those who have tainted souls and Witches (who are usually evil). Maka Albarn (the Meister) and Soul Eater (a scythe weapon) are a team who are trying to become a great team. However, many things stand in their way. Can they get through them?

In the fic, the Dursleys move to Death City to get away from the wizards and to train Dudley to be a Meister. When they attempt to kill fem Harry to power up Dudley, she runs away learning she’s a witch. She teams up with Angela and Mifune for witches training. Will she accept her fate as a witch or will she become a Meister anyway?

Thanks for reading and hope you have a great weekend. See everyone on Tuesday and May Your Heart Be Your Guiding Key!

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