The Neverending Quest and a mention of Bruno

Hi my people! (lol, thought I’d try it once, never again). Nothing much happened this week other than getting moved around to different areas of my job because I’m a temp. I’ve continued reading Honestly Harry – The Matter of the Furious Fugitives, but I’m not finished rereading it yet. The new chapters this week are A Smile on Your Face and a Song in Your Heart, Issei – The Gaming Gear, Heroes Assemble!, How Eating a Strange Fruit Gave Me My Quirk, History Strongest Disciple Again? and Mauling Snarks.

Since all the stories I’m going to talk about are sakurademonalchemist stories, I’m just going to skip the “first, second, next, and followed by” because there are way too many to keep finding new intros.

Soul Brothers is a Bleach and Harry Potter crossover. It has Harry and Ichigo switching bodies as young children and switching back right before Hogwarts. Since they can talk mentally, they can make a difference. How will the two change their destinies? It’s one of the longest at twenty chapters. Unless otherwise stated all stories have not been updated since 2012 and are unfinished.

Double Trouble is the longest of the stories this time at twenty-two. It’s another Bleach and Harry Potter crossover, but this time Tatsuki is a Fem Harry. She leads a double life as Tatsuki and a Soul Reaper. How does she do it and will her past come back to haunt her?

Broken Fates is a Harry Potter and Naruto crossover where Harry learns before fifth year that he is related to the Uchiha and decides to live with them instead of staying with the Dursleys. He and Itachi get along and help Itachi and Sasuke get through the purge because they weren’t there. How else will Harry change things?

Shugo Shinobi is a Shugo Chara! and Naruto crossover. Shugo Chara! is a manga turned anime about Amu Hinamori, a grade schooler who is thought of a ‘cool’ and ‘distant’ because of her clothes and attitude. However, she’s just a normal girl who wants to change her outer character. She wakes up with three different colored eggs in her bed that turn into little people that are her would-be selves. She joins a group in her school that has these ‘shugo chara’ that protects other people’s would-be selves from being x-ed and lost. It’s actually pretty good, but gets weird in the last season with ‘live-action’ versions of the team-ups as idols that introduce the show.

In the fic, Naruto wakes up with two Chara eggs and one of them looks like the Fourth Hokage. How will he deal with with along with becoming a ninja? And does Hinata have one too? I would say read and find out, but it’s only two chapters.

When Death grows bored is a Harry Potter and Final Destination crossover. Final Destination is a movie series about a group of kids who escape a plane’s destruction because of a vision. Death doesn’t like this so, one by one they’re killed off.

In the fic, Harry is one of Death’s reapers and they are bored and decide to play a game. Give a vision of a disaster to a person and then hunt down those who escape while betting on who will have the best death. There are also his old friends who want to know what he’s doing, but what does he care about them?

Shadow Wolf is a Harry Potter and Wolf’s Rain crossover. Wolf’s Rain is a anime about wolves who can hide as people that are in hiding because they were hunted to almost destruction. It follows one of them, Kiba, as he tries to find Paradise, a place where wolves can live in peace at the end of the world. Haven’t seen much of it, but it’s interesting.

In the fic, Harry is Kiba’s younger brother and Kiba finds him before his first year. Harry still goes to Hogwarts, but it’s different as he knows he’s a wolf. How will Hogwarts deal with a True Wolf? Another two chapter story.

Harry Sohma is a Harry Potter and Fruits Basket crossover. After an accident almost kills Kyo before the series (if you’ve read it, you know which one I’m talking about), Harry saves him by combining their bodies. This is after the war, but the English wizards still come looking for him. When they’re sent to the past, they plan to help the past Harry not have to deal with his projected future. Mentions of a potential boy/boy relationship, but not happened yet. Don’t Like, Don’t Read.

Okami Mitarashi is a Harry Potter and Naruto crossover that has Harry growing up as Okami in a Konoha orphanage with Naruto. He’s adopted by Anko, but still acts as Naruto’s brother. When Okami’s origins come for him, how will they react to who he is?

Bad Luck is a Harry Potter and Black Cat crossover. Train is Harry reincarnated after he died too early. Watch as Harry affects Train and changes things. Will they be able to stop the tragedy that lead to Train leaving Chronos? Who knows, it’s only two chapters.

Sakura Kuchiki is a Bleach and Harry Potter crossover. Lily was Byakuya’s sister and when she dies, the Soul Society finds fem Harry and takes her from the Dursleys. She grows up in Soul Society and runs from the insane captain of squad twelve often. How will Hogwarts deal with a trained soul reaper? Once again, don’t know; it’s only three chapters.

I can see the end of the tunnel, but it’ll still be a week or two. The last thing I’ll talk about is an older animated show called Bruno the Kid. I was looking for it cause I remembered the only three part episodes in the series and couldn’t remember what it was called. Bruno is a sixth grader (voiced by Bruce Willis) who accidentally becomes an agent for the world-wide peacekeeping organization Globe. They don’t know he’s a kid because he uses an avatar to talk to them (it looks like Bruce Willis). Watch as he takes down the bad guys and saves the world, while keeping his second life from his friends and family. It’s fun and I found the episodes on Youtube.

That’s it for the week, hope everyone has an awesome weekend (don’t forget the Treeko community day on PoGo tomorrow!)! See everyone on Tuesday and May Your Heart Be Your Guiding Key (lol, I just realized I’m wearing that shirt currently!).

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