I Can See The Light at the End of the Quest (But It’s Dim)

Hello everyone! It was a quiet weekend, but I got 7 shiny Treekos in this month’s community day of PoGo. There’s an event this weekend where you can get shiny Lotad and normal type Castform (no shiny rain, sunny or snow). I finished Honestly Harry – The Matter of the Furious Fugitives. This weeks new chapters are: Mauling Snarks, Taylor Varga (actual chapter and omakes), Flameheart (Sat, Sun, Tues), Melody of Fire (Sat, Sun, Tues), The Dragon’s Knight (Sat, Sun, Tues), Viridescent, [Jaune Ryu-Long, The Dragon Contractor], Seerking’s Asylum and Archer.

Onto my progress on the sakurademonalchemist quest – (once again, no starters cause there are so many) Sirius Fowl is a Harry Potter and Artemis Fowl crossover. Artemis Fowl is a book series (with a movie coming soon!) about 12 year old Artemis Fowl, a genius who wants to get his family’s wealth back by any means. The method he chooses is to steal from the fairy’s hiding in the earth. He kidnaps Captain Holly of LEPrecon in order to this. Follow this and his following adventures with the fairies!

In the fic, Artemis’ mother is Lily’s biological sister and Lily sends Harry to her when she dies. Renamed Sirius Fowl, he lives his life as Artemis’ brother. When the accident with their father happens, Harry helps Artemis with his quest. However, will things happen differently? This stories was last updated in 2012, but all others today were last updated in 2011 and all of them are unfinished.

Jamie Silver is a Gundam Wing and Harry Potter crossover. Harry escapes from the wizarding world, changes his name and buys an apartment complex that he uses for werewolves and other disenfranchised people. He learns of an older brother who happens to be one of the Gundam Pilots. Warning! In this story the Gundam Pilots are mostly in relationships with each other. Don’t Like, Don’t Read!

Phantomhive Wizards is a crossover between Harry Potter and Kuroshituji (or Black Butler). Black Butler is a manga turned anime about young Ceil Phantomhive who has a demon butler named Sebastian. He is aristocrat who solves crime in London’s underworld while trying to find the people who killed his parents with Sebastian’s help. It’s set in an older London.

In the fic, Harry’s magic transports him back in time and he is adopted by Ceil. Harry is taken back to his time (against his will), he is forced to attend Hogwarts. But how will this work as he keeps time sliding. It’s only five chapters, but they go to at least three time periods.

Phoenix Soldier is a crossover between Sailor Moon and Harry Potter. Hotaru is really fem. Harry and has the powers of a Star Pheonix (who were thought lost). This is why she reverts back to a toddler. With her new family (the Outer Scouts), will she be able to grow up again without Dumbles’ interferance?

Pandora Academy is a crossover between Pandora Hearts and Harry Potter. Pandora Hearts is a manga turned anime about Oz Vessalius, a noble who is sent to the prison ‘Abyss’ during his coming of age party (15). There he meets Alice, a ‘chain,’ who gives him power and helps him escape in exchange for his help finding her memories. Why was he sent to the Abyss and will things be different when he gets out? And how is Alice connected to it all? Read a few chapters to get the beginning of it.

In the fic, Harry gets tired of everything with the wizarding world and applies to Pandora Academy with Sirius to learn about Summoning. They get special items and are led to the Abyss to see if their summons are there. Harry meets Alice and Sirius, Raven. How is Harry connected to Oz?

Pandora Souls is another Pandora Hearts and Harry Potter crossover. Lily calls on her family summon from the Abyss to help save her son. Oz, Alice and the others hear her call and decide to help Harry. How will the wizarding world react to them?

Abyss of Silence is the last (currently) of the Harry Potter and Pandora Hearts crossovers. Young Harry accepts the avatar of Darkness into his heart and sides with it against Dumbles. When they decide to visit the Pandora Hearts world and are trapped until the end of the series, what will they do? Heck if I know, only five chapters.

Pirates and Wizards is a Harry Potter and One Piece crossover. Harry learns after the war that the Veil is a portal to the afterlife for wizards, which is the One Piece world. Harry goes through to find his lost friends and family. Warning – Mentions of gay Harry. Don’t Like, Don’t Read!

That’s it for this weekend! We’re getting close to the end! Have a great week and see y’all on Friday! May Your Heart Be Your Guiding Key!

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